Where is GTDon?

Wed Sep 14, 2016 10:24 am by AAR GTDon

I will be on the road out to the west coast picking up a 2002 Corvette and doing a fun road trip.  I should be back by Oct.  I will periodically pop in as I can.


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Lucas Oil NHRA Nationals @ BIR

Mon Aug 22, 2016 8:30 am by AAR GTDon

As some of you motorheads know I was up at my annual pilgrimage in Brainerd Minnesota, at Brainerd International Raceway for the NHRA Lucas Oil Nationals this weekend.  BIR though never represented in any racing simulation is famous for being the fastest track in the world thanks to world record setting elapsed times set by the NHRA and their two fastest nitromethane classes. Top Fuel and Funny Car classes are powered by the same type of engine, a 500cid super charged Hemi drinking nitromethane producing an estimated 10,000hp!  Enough to propel you to 330mph in under 4sec!

BIR did not disappoint and once again proved itself as the fastest or quickest track in the world! Two-time Funny Car world champion Matt Hagan rocketed to the No. 1 qualifier Saturday. Hagan blistered the track in his Mopar Express Lane/Rocky Boots Dodge Charger R/T with a 3.822-second pass at 333.82 mph to set the elapsed time world record and claim his third No. 1 spot of the season and 24th of his career. 

The great thing about the NHRA is the unrestricted access you have with the drivers and cars.  You can literally be inches away from the cars and bump into famous drivers and legends all over the pit area! Like John Force on his scooter.

Early Sunday morning race day we walk the track with the always mysteriously ubiquitous "MOPAR MAN." He seems to always be there but always in complete anonymity.

As is their unpublished custom, super star Funny Car driving champion Matt Hagen meets with "MOPAR Man" for a brief mutual admiration session.

Working …

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FWC13 Final!

Mon Aug 08, 2016 11:28 am by AAR GTDon

FWC13 Final will be between two top notch drivers:

15th GSR RoadRunner 2785.011 vs 9th CoD3Pro Brizzho 2796.526 Sunday 8/14/16 6:00pm CST.  

Early odds makers are saying RoadRunner is the favorite to win.  Both drivers don't have enough officially rated races for the ratings to be fully accurate yet. Takes about 10 rated races to get an accurate ranking.  

Should Brizzo win, his ranking will jump up 2 places into the top ten Ultra section of the IFCA list at 2805.453 and 7th place. In turn, RoadRunner would stay where he is.  But if RoadRunner wins, he will jump to 2826.011 and 3rd place, and Brizzo will fall to 12th at 2793.359.

They have a whole week to practice Sebring in Ford GT race cars. Both drivers are seriously fast and have many wins, titles, and accolades to their Forza credit.  The slightest error is likely to give one or the other the win, and, the coveted FWC crown.  Should be intense.

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