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IFCA Continental Tire Endurance Series

Tue Jul 24, 2018 2:27 pm by GTDon2

That's right gentlemen, sometime towards the end of August or early September we will begin our only replica series of the year. The Continental Tire series is very popular with fans and competitors alike, and very difficult to replicate on Forza.  Many have tried and failed for the most part, and even we here at the IFCA have had or struggles with it.

It's been a long time since last we tried, going all the way back to FM4.  It was an incredibly fun series in which we banned the use of microphones between competitors to give the racing a very different and real sense of how real racing is.  Drivers were allowed to chat with their teammates as each would wait for the other to get done with their stint and tag up.  That's correct, we used an ingenious method to replicate the exchange of drivers.  Each driver would do a number of laps and then come into the pit where his teammate was waiting in ghosted form, tag him with his car, and then the waiting car could go do his stint.

But before we get into all that, we will have a number of practice sprint races so that everyone can see which cars they like best.  Then we will have a practice endurance race so that everyone will understand how the format actually works before we race in anger.

Our GS car list is complete but not completely tested yet.  There will be a total of at least 23 GS cars to pick from.  

We included every make and model from recent history and a few that were not raced in the real series too.  We did it this way because we still don't have all the exact cars.  So, for example, Forza doesn't offer a late model Pontiac GTO, so we are using the Pontiac G8 in its place.  We added the SRT8 392 and Hellcat Challengers just because there are Mustangs and Camaros and wanted to round the field out with some MOPAR's.  Other than this, the cars are well represented with more than one model to pick from in most cases.

Technically speaking all the GS cars will be in the upper S-Class and close to 600hp.  The reason being was that this enabled the most equality and largest car selection.  As a result, they are somewhat faster than their real car counterparts hitting top speeds of around 180mph on fast tracks.  There are really 2 brands you can blame for this, McLaren and Dodge.  The light little McLarens handle too well, and the Dodges are too heavy and fast.

There will be a new tire compound/width BoP that is a fine-tuned version of what we use in Super Spec based on your IFCA rating.  In other words there will be less of a gap between drivers and their tire BoP.  This is partly due to the cars themselves in that some have limited widths and some need more grip than others to be equal.  Whatever the case may be, the faster driver you are the less tire you will get.  The slower driver you are the more tire you will get.  However, this BoP handicap will be far less pronounced than it is in the Saturday Night Super Spec event.

The car list and build sheets will be posted soon, so keep checking in.

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Porsche shatters the Nürburgring record!

Sat Jun 30, 2018 3:05 pm by GTDon2

[size=40]Porsche shatters the Nürburgring record![/size]

[size=40] [/size]


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Tortoise and the Hare Saturday'!

Tue Jun 12, 2018 2:54 pm by GTDon2

Tortoise and the Hare, is a novelty format that we are trying for Season 9 starting this Saturday. Basically, a fast guy acts as the tortoise and everyone else gets to be the hare. The tortoise must not move for a specified period of time at the start of the race, All the hares take off right away. The tortoise has a trick though, he's in a much faster car than any hare. 

Typically the hares' will lap the tortoise even before he moves. The race has a calculated duration so that if the tortoise does very well he will catch the fastest hares on the last lap. Our designated Tortoise would be the driver who shows up with the highest rating that day. No one knows who the tortoise will be until the day of the race, it could be you! Our tire BoP will still apply for the hares. 

The time difference between the two cars is based on fastest average laps in each car. This means that only very good tortoises and hares will have a chance at winning. The tortoise has his work cut out for him though because he must fight traffic and make quick passes. The hares must fight each other and occasionally the tortoise on their tail.

It's all very fun and intense as the race gets closer to the final few laps and you start to see where you are in relation to the tortoise and whether or not you can make it. Of course, in the child's tale, the slow turtle always beat the cocky rabbit. lol

Week 1

Homestead Mini 20laps x 2, 1 pit, standing start.

Tortoise Car (reserved for fastest driver in the field based on IFCA rating)
2017 Ford #17 V-Power Racing Team Falcon FG X
P.I. R853
This is a maxed out build, put everything you can on it.

Car for the Hare's:
2015 Ford Falcon XR8
P.I. A635

Race exhaust
Race flywheel
Race brakes
Race suspension
Race anti-roll bars
Race roll cage
Race weight reduction
Race clutch
Stock transmission
Race driveline
Race diff
Street tires
Lightest wheels
Forza downforce

Tire BoP still applies:
IFCA Rating:
2150.000 and above = Stock Tires
2000.000 - 2149.999 = Street Tires
1900.000 - 1999.999 = Sport Tires Full Width
below 1899.999 = Race Tires Full width

Delayed Tortoise start time 1:55.000

If you want in, let me know and I'll throw an invite to you this Saturday 7pm EST as always

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