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TORA and TURN merger
Thu Jul 21, 2016 5:40 pm by AAR GTDon
Fascinating, just days after the IFCA announced a new direction to become more a hub for different series, and a ratings and rankings organization, instead of tournament creator, TURN and TORA see the light as well, and have merged for some of the same reasons.†

Leagues are finally realizing that with too many series events it only hurts everyone and becomes too thin. †Better is to consolidate and unify under less banners. †In this way larger events with more drivers of different skills can compete together for epic battles.

We wish the merger well!

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Tue Jun 28, 2016 12:37 pm by AAR GTDon


This is it! †THE very last FWC, FWC13!† As many of you Forza IFCA veterans know, the FWC stands for ďForza World ChampionshipĒ and was the first of its kind going all the way back to Forza 1.† It was an open championship event designed to gather the fastest Forza drivers together in one event, and crown a Forza World Champion.†

Typically, we would use various elimination formats, cars, and tracks, each round until we had a final group of the fastest drivers.† At one point in FM2 we had over 250 drivers compete!† Eventually we retired the FWC in late FM3 due to the winds of change within the game and driver interest.

However, our FWCs brought out the best, and most intense competition to date with seriously fast champions like, SP33D RAC3R 28x, llxcamxll, eries, Chilledheat, JED, 3wide, Diablo, Stronger Ginge, Gonein60, just to name a few.† The events were always exciting and full of drama and hype as the eliminations ran their course and we arrived at the last 2 finalists.† Speculation was always wild and fun as to who would eventually become the FWC champion.

With T10ís recent announcement that a new era is about to begin with an official Forza Championship sometime this summer, we felt like we owed our own members one last crack at an FWC crown for old times sake.
The format is simple.† On Sunday August 7th 6:00pm CST, FWC13 begins. Elimination Rounds 1-3 will take place at this time.† The final Championship round will be held a week later between the 2 top drivers.

Only the top half of rounds †1 and 2 will advance to the semi-final round 3, and only the #1 and #2 drivers will meet in the final a week later.

3 rounds in forced stock tune cars will be conducted on August 7th starting at 6:00pm CST.
Round 1 30laps, 2000 Ford SVT Cobra R B501/Daytona 24hr Night
Round 2 Quarter Finals 25laps, 2013 KTM X-Bow R A695/LeMans Bugatti
Round 3 Semi Finals 25laps, 2013 Formula Ford Ecoboost 200 S772/Yas Marina North Alt Night

On Sunday August 14th 6:00pm CST will be the final championship FWC13.
Round 4 FWC13 Championship †18laps, 2016 #66 Ford Racing GT LeMans R859/Sebring Full

Format details here† Sign-ups here

Tell your friends, do a little practice, and sign-up for the last FWC!† One last chance to add your name to the FWC trophy and become one of the legendary hall of fame FWC Champions!

Full throttle,

IFCA Staff

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IFCA Newsletter
Thu May 05, 2016 2:27 pm by AAR GTDon

Welcome back racers!

It may interest you to know that recently we were part of a select group to do a survey on Forza.† From what we gather not very many people received the invitation.† And due to legal concerns although we can not divulge the specific questions asked, I can say that Microsoft/T10 were very interested in the type of activity we were engaged in and why.† Needless to say most of our answers fell on the side of organized racing and greater control over lobbies.

Itís hard to say how much influence our participation will have on FM7, but they do seem to be searching for new approaches in areas they donít have any data on.† T10 has taken many ideas from the IFCA in the past and put to good effect. This bodes well for the future of the franchise I believe.† Their biggest problem is fixing things that arenít broke, or abandoning things that work really well.

In more local news as many of you may have read, the IFCA is also re-directing its steps to accommodate the recent trends within the organized racing community.† Namely, easier access racing.† Drivers appear to be less interested in traditional series racing, and are leaning toward one-off events rather than lengthy series.

Our own surveys have shown drivers dis-liking many of the mandatory rules and regulations associated with traditional series racing.† In fact, we have discovered a large group of new drivers who feel they canít easily get involved because the rules and regulations are too daunting for their level of interest.† They want to race clean, and are sick of the crash and bash public lobbies, but they tend to get lost in all the website navigation, build requirements, livery rules, and format rules.

One of the biggest issues we have seen is the perception that the cars being offered are seldom equal in performance due to not knowing the optimum build or best tune for a given track.† Add to this the perception that the fastest drivers always seem to be in the fastest cars, and there is a sense of insurmountable unfairness.† This perceived unfairness does not promote greater participation among new drivers especially.

In response, the IFCA is going to continue to offer more spec-based single race events with very few regulations aside from driving clean.† Our first such weekly event is our Super Stock Invitational on late Monday nights.† This will be a very open event that you can race with our regulars or, conduct your own race at your own time, and post your results to be computer rated and added to the IFCA World Rankings list.

There are just 3 stock based cars currently offered, but we will change the class of cars from time to time.† Typically after 1 driver has managed to win with all 3 cars at 3 different tracks.† Currently we are using the often ignore E-Class.† The car requirement is that they must maintain their stock P.I. to be legal.

1.1984 VW Rabbit GTi E239
2.1981 Ford Fiesta XR2 E245
3.1986 Honda Civic Si E235

no sign-up required
no livery required
no # plate required
no build required
cars must be at the stock P.I. listed
any assists are allowed
3lap qualy prior to race
standing starts
no restarts
1 mandatory pit
IFCA Rules of the Road apply

We will be at Sebring Short for the first race on Monday May 16th 9:00pm CST.† There is no minimum grid number for the race to be rated.† All races will be rated.

Whatís great about this form of spec-racing is that the cars are inherently equal.† They are very slow with top speeds just under 100mph.† What this does unlike the faster cars is keep everyone fairly close on the track.† You also donít have to stay in the same car, and any tuning you can do is very minimal.†

Because the cars must remain at a stock P.I., there are just a few ways you can add some parts, but doing so isnít going to make your car head and shoulders better than the next.† It really only customizes the car more to your driving style.

For example if a really fast driver drives a bone stock Rabbit, an average driver with some parts on his Rabbit is not going to beat the faster driver still.† This is not to say that whatever few parts you can add arenít helping, just that it wonít be enough to overcome the difference in driver skill.† This is because with identical P.I. numbers the cars are going to be very equal.

What we think this will encourage is the ability to include anyone at any time who wants to race close clean races without a big commitment.† It happens all the time when a driver pops into the lobby looking to race and finds out that everyone there is league racing.† He usually backs out and isnít able to participate.† With this new direction, anyone showing up can easily join the event quickly.† He doesnít have to waste time figuring out the build or paint, or worry heís going to be a spoiler in a series he isnít going to race.† He can just come in, grab the right car, and race.† Results will be recorded and he will …

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