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Tortoise and the Hare Saturday'!

Tue Jun 12, 2018 2:54 pm by GTDon2

Tortoise and the Hare, is a novelty format that we are trying for Season 9 starting this Saturday. Basically, a fast guy acts as the tortoise and everyone else gets to be the hare. The tortoise must not move for a specified period of time at the start of the race, All the hares take off right away. The tortoise has a trick though, he's in a much faster car than any hare. 

Typically the hares' will lap the tortoise even before he moves. The race has a calculated duration so that if the tortoise does very well he will catch the fastest hares on the last lap. Our designated Tortoise would be the driver who shows up with the highest rating that day. No one knows who the tortoise will be until the day of the race, it could be you! Our tire BoP will still apply for the hares. 

The time difference between the two cars is based on fastest average laps in each car. This means that only very good tortoises and hares will have a chance at winning. The tortoise has his work cut out for him though because he must fight traffic and make quick passes. The hares must fight each other and occasionally the tortoise on their tail.

It's all very fun and intense as the race gets closer to the final few laps and you start to see where you are in relation to the tortoise and whether or not you can make it. Of course, in the child's tale, the slow turtle always beat the cocky rabbit. lol

Week 1

Homestead Mini 20laps x 2, 1 pit, standing start.

Tortoise Car (reserved for fastest driver in the field based on IFCA rating)
2017 Ford #17 V-Power Racing Team Falcon FG X
P.I. R853
This is a maxed out build, put everything you can on it.

Car for the Hare's:
2015 Ford Falcon XR8
P.I. A635

Race exhaust
Race flywheel
Race brakes
Race suspension
Race anti-roll bars
Race roll cage
Race weight reduction
Race clutch
Stock transmission
Race driveline
Race diff
Street tires
Lightest wheels
Forza downforce

Tire BoP still applies:
IFCA Rating:
2150.000 and above = Stock Tires
2000.000 - 2149.999 = Street Tires
1900.000 - 1999.999 = Sport Tires Full Width
below 1899.999 = Race Tires Full width

Delayed Tortoise start time 1:55.000

If you want in, let me know and I'll throw an invite to you this Saturday 7pm EST as always

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IFCA Super Spec Saturday's!

Sat May 12, 2018 3:39 am by GTDon2

Welcome to our ever-evolving Saturday night doubleheader feature formerly known by such titles as the IFCA LeMons.  With the new format, a new name needs to be had, that being the "IFCA Super Spec Series."

The basic format will be carried over from the LeMon's which is a Saturday night (7pm EST start) single qualy, 2 race feature, lowest combined total time wins the weekly championship.  Race length will be slightly longer at 15laps and 1 pit. What has changed is the car selection.  

Over time we have seen an uptick in the level of seriousness that this event has taken upon itself, and rather than starve the competitive juices into total frustration we have decided to up the ante a bit and take a more serious standardized approach, not unlike more conventional league races.

Because everyone clamors for better BoP and really enjoys a good spec series this is the direction we will go for now.  All drivers will be in the same spec car except for tire compound.  

Our aim in doing this is to bring the field closer together for closer racing, and give the slower guys a real taste at competing on more equal terms with the faster guys.  Too often it is the case that a slower guy ends up in a slower car even when the cars are the same build.  This can get depressing after awhile and suck the fun right out of you.  By giving slower drivers a slight tire advantage resulting in about a 20 P.I. increase they can feel confident that it is not their car holding them back. At the same time the faster guys carry no shame even if they lose.  Being on lesser tires means they will be able to showcase just how good a driver they really are.  Chances are they will still win, but not by as much as usual.  The pressure will be on them, both.

Each car will have minimal Spec upgrades selected to address some certain weakness with that specific car, making them more enjoyable to drive.  Limited upgrades also help to limit what you can do to the car and force a better BoP.  As a standard for this format, IFCA Super Spec will mandatorily include race brakes, race anti-roll bars, race differentials, and race drivelines.  In addition to this basic equipment package, each car will have one or more designated upgrades.  This latest change is so that some of the drivers with special brake needs can drive their car, and also to allow minimal adjustability to suit each driver.

*After a careful review of the lap times, it appears that the intended effect was not achieved with tire compounds.  Slower drivers were as much as 4sec off the pace even with better tires. There is still too wide a gap between the fast and slow drivers in other words.  To narrow this gap we will revise the tire compound rule so that slower drivers will have a better chance to keep pace. See below:

Here is the new scale based on your IFCA rating:
2150.000 and above = Stock Tires
2000.000 - 2149.999 = Street Tires
1900.000 - 1999.999 = Sport Tires Full Width
below 1899.999 = Race Tires Full width

Week 1 May 19th Saturday 7pm EST
2017 Acura NSX
Upgrades: Race Weight Reduction
S786 Street Tires/R802 Sport Tires 

Week 2
Mugello Short
1980 Fiat 131 Abarth 
Upgrades: Race Cams
D359 Street Tires/D378 Sport Tires/D397 Sport Tires Full Width/C420 Race Tires Full Width

Week 3
Laguna Seca
2018 Honda Civic Type R
Upgrades: Race Weight Reduction
A632 Stock Tires/A655 Sport Tires
(The Honda has no Street Tire compound)

Week 4
Lime Rock
1991 Hoonigan Rauh-Welt Begriff Porsche 911 Turbo
Upgrades: Race Flywheel, race clutch, Race Weight Reduction, Race Clutch, Race Trans, Lightest Wheels.
A697 Street Tires/S715 Sport Tire

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2018 IFCA Runoff's March 9th-11th!!!

Sat Jan 13, 2018 5:25 pm by GTDon2

Greetings Members and Friends!

In case you haven't yet heard, the IFCA is organizing a one-time event inspired by the prestigious SCCA Runoff's.  The SCCA invites the best drivers from their 28 classes to compete at one track once a year.  The IFCA is doing much the same but with only 21 classes.  The event will be over the course of a weekend March 9th-11th.  

You will have 100 specific build cars to choose from within the 21 classes. Your single restriction is, you may only race 3 times per day.

If you are too lazy to build and tune your car, every car build is shared and comes with a tested tune via GTDon2 or searching "IFCA"  

Each race is a two class race with a 24 car limit, or 12 drivers for each class.  The first 6 to signup in any class basically get in for free.  The remaining 6 slots must be qualified for.  So if you don't want to qualify be sure to mark Friday, Jan 26th on your calendar because this is when signups will be officially open.

You'll get 5 laps to qualify if you miss signups, but you have to be at least as fast as the posted minimum qualifying time.  This is a time that is 2% slower than the posted competitive time for each class. GTDon2 will be available for qualy.

Below are the names and start times of each class:

To see the car build sheets go here: http://ifca.highforum.net/t6507-2018-ifca-runoffs-build-sheets

To see just the car list and start times go here: 

To read details of the event go here:

6:00pm EST Friday March 9th
S-Production Touring
R-Class Grand Touring

8:00pm EST Friday March 9th
R-Class Grand Prix
P-Class Classic GP

10:00pm EST Friday March 9th
P-Class Endurance
P-Class Spec FLM

3:00pm EST Saturday March 10th
A-Production AWD Lights
S-Production AWD Pro

5:00pm EST Saturday March 10th
B-Production Real Muscle
A-Production Sports Car Legends

7:00pm EST Saturday March 10th
S-Production Caterhams & Donkervorts

9:00pm EST Saturday March 10th
S-Class Spec Formula Ford
S-Class Formula Continental

2:00pm EST Sunday March 11th
E-Production Classic Sub-Compact
D-Production Old Hatch

4:00pm EST Sunday March 11th
C-Production GT Lights
B-Production Street Tuner

6:00pm EST Sunday March 11th
A-Production 90s GT
A-Production GTW

8:00pm EST Sunday March 11th
B-Production Spec MX-5 Cup car
A-Production Grand Touring III

Race format:

Each race must start within 15min of the actual start time without exception. 

Track set to Indianapolis GP, standing start, lobby grid set to P.I., 2 pit stops, 26laps, default collisions, tire damage, no end timer, no cautions, 1 restart if there is lag or multi-car contact/collisions on the first lap. 

There is no qualifying right before the race.  Pre-qualifying is just to secure a grid spot and not a grid position because the grid will be semi-random based on P.I. because two classes will be racing at the same time.

All we need for results are the podium finishers.

Drivers are limited to 3 races per day.

Where to go to sign up on Friday Jan 26th?  

Good luck!

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