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How to Challenge someone?

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How to Challenge someone?

Post by Guest on Tue Sep 09, 2008 11:24 am

Remember that anyone on the IFCA World Rankings Official list can challenge each other - you must get on this list to create IWR Stakes Match Race challenges

Create a new thread with the title of the proposed match - e.g VVV Chilledheat challenges VVV GTDon. Then write your challenge

- The Challenger can only chose the track
- The Challenged can decide the car
- The Challenged does not have to accept the match

- The 2 competitors must arrange a time that best works for them

We recommend advertising when the match will take place because there will no doubt be many of us who would like to watch in as the magic happens!

Race Info
- It will be a best of 3 event, 10 laps each.
- Both competitors must drive the same car and P.I.
- The car can be any car, class, and P.I.
- No limits will be placed on any assists.
- If the first two races are won by the same driver, the match is over, and no third tie breaker race will take place.

(Collisions ON, Damage Limited, Simulation Tyres and Fuel)

The Winner...

The winner of said match will recieve a Golden IFCA Trophy Car, which will be a car used within IFCA events, complete with a competitive tune and race livery, painted all gold! You can only get these special competition cars by winning and IWR Stakes Match Race!

Good luck all!


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