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Post by Guest on Fri Aug 24, 2007 9:51 am

Hello everyone,
First, this post will be placed in each of the series topics, so those of you that only visit one series thread can see this post.

I would like to thank all of you that have been a part of the IFCA and its events, Thanks to the other 2 ceo's, vip's, ro's, mods, racers, and sponsors. We have had great sucess in our first series since we went pro (FWC7) and have shown steedy growth. We the events we have run so far, FWC, Spec, Endurace, and Stock Car series, we/ALL OF YOU!!, have helped bring something to Forza that has never been done, YOU have helped bring professional, SPONSORED, series racing to Forza. We are working on renwing our sponsorships and im happy to say so-far most of our sponsors are very pleased and looking forward to working with us again. Thank you all who have hepled by promoting the series, web site, and sponsors, this is what wiil help bring in the sponsors. All news it not great though, we may be lossing one of our largest sponsors for our next event, the feedback ive gotten is, its just not generating the return on the investment they were looking for. This brings me to the point of this post, we all need to as much as we can to promote the events we run here, there are differnt times, days, and series to fit most people. We offer REAL SPONSORS, REAL CASH, these are things that set our events apart from the rest. Be proud of what you have helped build and get the word out on live, forums, or wherever. Another BIG THING that we all need to do is support our sponsors, make it a point to go to these sites once or twice a week, if you see somthing you like or would use, then buy from our sponsors. Also, put in a plug here and there when you are talking in lobbies in game, or on forums (ie yea man, we got real sponsors like Meguiars and Kontrol Freek). Its is vitial to our sucess (proof is, we got this far only beacuse of the hard work done buy you guys and our sponsors) that we grow in numbers and support and promote our sponsors and the IFCA.

Thank you all for your time and allowing me to be a part of the BEST RACING SERIES ON FORZA!!

Please see............

www.meguiars.com /whatsnew - 2007 New Products

www.meguiars.com - Corporate Website & E-Store

www.meguiarsonline.com - The Detailers Discussion Forum

www.carcrazycentral.com - Where the Hobby Clicks !



Thank you,
Scott (aka Rusty)


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