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IFCA SuperTuner info

Post by GTDon2 on Tue Oct 09, 2012 8:32 am

SuperTuner is on Friday nights at 8:00pm CST

General Information

The goal of the new Supertuner series is to showcase the skills of a car builder. In this series you will
Be able to use any part you like. The trick is that the lobby room will have restictions. The 4week
Race will use a car class, Hpcap and weight. For example: D class, less than 150HP, greater than 1700LB.
Now the builder can use any parts they chose. So you think you can build it, than the supertuner series is for you.


You must stay in the car you srart the series in

There will be a 4lap qualifier to set the lobby.It will be a standing start for this race. Each car must make 1 mandatory pit stop..omitting the first and last lap.

Restarts will only occur if there is a incident involving 2 or more cars on the first lap. There will be a maximum of 3 restarts per race. After the 3rd restart everyone will be on their own, if any additional problems happen on the pace lap they will be reviewed by IFCA Staff.

If you crash on your own or get out of line and lose a position there will be no restarts.

If a drive knocks another drive off the track they are to wait for them to return to the track and give up your spot.

If you lag out of a lobby that is already in session, you will recieve last place points in that room. You will be allowed 1 restart on a lag out providing its on the first lap. Lag outs after the first lap will not be afforded a restart.

We will follow the standard IFCA rules and regulations

Please read the IFCA Code of Conduct as well


- If you cannot get into the lobby before the start of the race you will be left behind. If there is a significant amount of people who cannot get into the lobby a decision will be made whether or not we continue or try again next week.

- If you cannot get into the lobby it is your responsibility to let us know that you are having an issue.

- We ask that everyone checks their networks and connections prior to joining the lobby to ensure that everyone has a fair chance to get in.


There are no mandatory liveries
There are no required stickers/url addresses
If you have an IFCA car number is required on each side of your car. If you dont have an IFCA number, your own is acceptable.
No offensive decals are allowed.
(No Nudity, No Vulgar language, no promotion of adult websites/pornography, etc.)


Driver Cup Points will be determined by overall driver position at the end of the race using the Standard IFCA point scale.
The fastest lap will receive a 1 point bonus.


Qualifying will be held just before the race. 4 laps, collisions off, limited damage.


- Disputes will be settled by IFCA Officials. If you feel you have been slighted, taken advantage of, chased off the road or some other issue arises… Please do not argue about it during the race.

- Wait until afterwards and request an IFCA Official to handle the situation, or post the replay in your storefront so one of Officials can get ahold of the footage.

- If you pull over rather than finish your race or quit out of the lobby you will forfeit all driver cup and team points that you have earned for that race. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE THE LOBBY UNLESS IT IS IMPORTANT.

- If a problem does arise, please post a video inthe Incident and Protest Thread. Please keep videos brief. Accompany the video with a statement of what the problem is, and when it occurred.

Series Champion Payout

- The lucky driver who wins the Driver's Cup (highest driver points after 4 races) will win 10,000,000 Credits. 

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