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IFCA Touring Car Championship info

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IFCA Touring Car Championship info

Post by GTDon2 on Tue Oct 09, 2012 8:39 am

Description: A-Class Hatchbacks take on the some of the most famous circuits worldwide. Drivers and Teams will compete in fierce competition to bring home their respective cups. Cars are loosely based on the world renowned WTCC, BTCC, and other events from around the world.

General Information

Welcome to a new and exciting year of Touring Car racing at its finest..

Each series will consist of 4 Races which have been predetermined based on time and access to pits. Races are targeted to be around a half hour long. We will see various track types (Short, Long, Grand Prix, School, Club, etc.) from all over the world!

Drivers will be faced with the ability to tune their cars and race as either a privateer or a team member.

Race nights will be held at 9PM EST on Monday Nights. Specific dates a long with track information will be provided a week before the beginning of the series.


- There will be a rolling start on the first lap of the race. The pole sitter for each event will serve as the pace car.

- We will follow the standard IFCA rules and regulations.

- Please read the IFCA Code of Conduct as well

- Each car must make 2 mandatory pit stops after the first flying lap and before the last lap.

- At the end of the pace lap please do not take off until the pole sitter signals the start of the race. Please do not jump the gun. Drivers must wait until the lead car says "3-2-1 Go!" or something to that effect. When the green flag drops,drivers must retain thier starting positions until reaching the start finish line.

- Restarts will only occur if there is a incident involving 2 or more cars on the first lap. There will be a maximum of 3 restarts per race. After the 3rd restart everyone will be on their own, if any additional problems happen on the pace lap they will be reviewed by IFCA Staff.

- If you crash on your own or get out of line and lose a position there will be no restarts. Use common sense.

- Please no tire scrubbing/tire warming techniques they are unnecessary

Specific to Teams

- You and your team mate must both agree on a team name before qualifying
- If your teammate does not make it to the race on time, you may still qualify for Driver Cup points
- If you or your team mate miss 2 races in a series your team will be disbanded and you will scored as a privateer
- You may not block for your team mates.
- Teams are encouraged to work out pit strategy, car tunes, and strategy outside of the race lobby but are allowed to communicate during the race.

Car Tunes/Builds

- Car Builds can be found on corwinKB's storefront (builds are subject to change); If you would like a tunable file please let AAR GTDon, AAR ABEnstein, or AAR Darkestdale know ahead of time so we can gift an open tune to you.

- Car builds may not be altered

- Car tuning is allowed


- Drivers can enter as Privateers or can compete in the Team Cup by pairing up with 1 other driver.

- Drivers running in a team must drive the same car.

- If you cannot get into the lobby before the start of the race you will be left behind. If there is a significant amount of people who cannot get into the lobby a decision will be made whether or not we continue or try again next week.

- If you cannot get into the lobby it is your responsibility to let us know that you are having an issue.

- We ask that everyone checks their networks and connections prior to joining the lobby to ensure that everyone has a fair chance to get in.

- If you lag out of a lobby that is already in session you will lose all driver/team points earned for the session unless you have completed 40% of the race.

- Please be on time.


- There are no mandatory liveries
- There are no required stickers/url addresses
- No offensive decals are allowed. (No Nudity, No Vulgar language, no promotion of adult websites/pornography, etc.)

*If any livery rules are disobeyed you will be asked to leave the lobby and change your livery. You will not be docked your starting position or points.

Season Scoring

- Driver Cup Points will be determined by overall driver position at the end of the race using the Standard IFCA point scale.

- Team Cup points are added up by a combination of Driver Cup Points racing together for the same team. (Team Ford Team Ford = X Team Ford Points)

Qualifying Procedure

- On the night of the first race in every series we will 3 a lap qualifying session. The lobby will be set to collisions always off, compared best lap times, and there will be a 5 second delay between each car on the track. After the race the lobby will be set to "Lobby Points" and this will give everyone the correct starting order.

- Non-qualifying racers will be lined up in order according to IFCA Rating and GP points.


2013 Ford Focus ST
2007 Honda Civic Type-R
2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo
2010 Mitsubishi Colt Ralliart
2007 Peugeot 207 RC
2010 Renault Megane
2010 SEAT Leon Cupra R
2011 Suzuki SX4
2006 Vauxhall Astra VXR
2010 Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk6

***AAR darkestdale and AAR ABEnstein have the builds for the cars. Just send dale or Abe a message in a pm on this site or on live to obtain one. Please ask a couple of nights before the race if you want to practice/tune before race night.*** Builds that were not gifted by AAR darkestdale or an IFCA Staff Member are prohibited

*cars must be designated no later than the start of the race. Failure to designate a car will result in starting in the back of the lineup


- Disputes will be settled by IFCA Officials. If you feel you have been slighted, taken advantage of, chased off the road or some other issue arises… Please do not argue about it during the race.

- Wait until afterwards and request an IFCA Official to handle the situation, or post the replay in your storefront so one of Officials can get ahold of the footage.

- If you pull over rather than finish your race or quit out of the lobby you will forfeit all driver cup and team points that you have earned for that race. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE THE LOBBY UNLESS IT IS IMPORTANT.

- If a problem does arise, please post a video inthe Incident and Protest Thread. Please keep videos brief. Accompany the video with a statement of what the problem is, and when it occurred.

Series Champion Payout

- The lucky driver who wins the Driver's Cup (highest driver points after 4 races) will win 10,000,000 Credits.

- The winner of the Team Cup each series will get a "traveling trophy" car that you will hold on until the end of the next series.
- You will be required to sign your name somewhere on the car along with a team name. Please be mindful of of layer count and area on the car (so save space on the car for the other teams and drivers). If you win more than 1 team series in a IFCA calender year you can put the series number under you and your teammates name
- Please be respectful to the other teams that have won, do not change their signatures, the color of the car or the stickers or your team will be removed from the traveling trophy.



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Re: IFCA Touring Car Championship info

Post by AAR ABEnstein on Fri Nov 30, 2012 9:40 pm

Hello everyone! I'd like to remind every driver to read over the rules once again before season 2. (Remember, by signing up, you have agreed to the rules listed above.)

Also, I noticed some rules violations in past races. I'm going to emphasize this: No passing anyone until after you cross the start/finish line. Also, the pit window opens after the first flying lap (on lap 3), not the first lap. Thanks and good luck.

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