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New Series Starting this Sunday

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New Series Starting this Sunday

Post by Guest on Sat Nov 10, 2012 6:31 pm

Hey Fellow Racers,

We are starting a new series this sunday 11/11/12 at 9pm eastern. This is the first run so we are open to changing the rules a bit to make the series better. The rules are as follows (subject to change).


Car specifications:
1. Between 675 and 725 PI
2. Between 550 and 600 HP
3. Must have race brakes, suspension, sway bars (on front and back), and race roll cage.
4. Must have race tires
5. Must have full Aero on front AND back.
6. As far as transmission, the weight reduction, width of your tires and how you build your engine are solely up to you, as long as it still fits within the specified rules.

How points will be established:

1st place will get 10 points.
2nd will get 9 points.
3rd will get 8 points.
4th and 5th will get 7 points.
6th and 7th get 6 pionts.
8th and 9th gets 5 points.
10 and on will be awarded 4 points no matter the position.

I am doing this so that even if you get first you cannot jump ahead points wise. We want this competition to be competitive as possible, we want everyone fighting for the championship up until the very last race, and the very last second.

Bucket rules

Once the buckets are made and the racers are split the point system will be changed.
With a maximum amount of racers being in a lobby being 16 and the buckets split in half there will be 8 players in each bucket.

The point system for both buckets will be scored:
1st and 2nd will be awarded 8 points
3rd and 4th will be awarded 6 points
5th and 6th will be awarded 4 points
and 7th and 8th will be awarded 2 points.
at the end in EACH bucket.

If there is a tie for first within any of the buckets:

The winner will be decided by a 3 lap race at the Infineon Nascar track. The winner will be judged by the fastest CLEAN lap. That is how a tie will be resolved.

Caution rules:

If someone is knocked out during the first lap of the race and he or she calls "caution" then the person in first place must slow down to a stop. The other racers must then line up position wise behind the leader one after another. When the person who called the caution there will be a 3 second count off then the field can take and go back to racing. However a person can only call a caution once and only on the first lap. After the first lap it is up to the drivers to be responsible enough to mind their own doodoo on the track. If we find that you are a constant problem for the field, you will be ejected during mid series. We DEMAND the cleanest possible racing. We also understand that rubbing is racing and there will be wrecks, but we are aiming for races with no wrecks.


The winner in the first bucket (or the faster of the two buckets) will be awarded a Shelby Cobra


We have a list of cars that have been built, however the list is still expanding. We have also found cars that are too fast, here is a short list of cars that can be used.

Alfa Romeo Brere
Saab 9-3
Evo Vlll MR
Dodge Stealth
2008 Subaru Impreza WRX
GMC Cyclone
Golf R32
Ford Fusion
Eagle Talon
2000 Audi S4
97 BMW M3 with E36 Engine Swap
Toyota Supra
Nissan 240 SX
93 Ford Mustang
95 Ford Mustang
2005 Ford Mustang
850 Volvo
83 Audi Sport Quattro
Volkswagen Bora
97 Nissan Skyline GT-R VSpec
2010 Audi S4 with Engine swap
78' Ford King Cobra
Alfa Romeo 8C
Ford Focus RS
Ferrari 355C

The suggested test method for a car not on the list is to run on mugello club (untuned) and if you run lower than 1 minutes you are too fast.


The tracks we will run vary from week to week but this list (thus far) is the lineup for week one.

Top Gear full- This is the first qualifying track. It will be 4 laps, best times get the best chance on Bernese alps to make fast points in the beginning of the series.

Bernese Alps Club-6 laps
Camino Veijo Extreme- 3 laps
Catalunya National- 6 laps
Hockenheim National- 6 laps
Maple Valley full- 5 laps
Twin ring motegi west- 3 laps. This is the middle race that is points are scored for best times, after this race the buckets will be split for the ladder half of the competition.

Sebring full- 4 laps
Sedona club- 8 laps
Silverstone Full- 4 laps
Mugello Full- 5 laps
Nurgurgring GP- 4 laps

The RING- This is the final track, points will be worth twice as much. This is the race for the champion in each of the two buckets of the competition. It will be 2 laps.

All these will be run in the same evening so set aside some time if you plan to race.


I believe thats all, if you have any questions, want to join, or anything else you can message me here or on xbox.

Thanks for taking the time to read through,



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Re: New Series Starting this Sunday

Post by GTDon2 on Sat Nov 10, 2012 7:21 pm

Thanks for the post, and keep us updated. What league is this in association with?


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