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Season 9 Race 3 Road America December 16

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Season 9 Race 3 Road America December 16

Post by PredatorUSMC on Sun Dec 23, 2012 2:41 am

Road America Results
Class Winners
GT Congratulations to THF dvsSublime for the convincing win in the #45 RUF RGT-8.

GS - Congratulations to SkiNl3Y for the dominating win in the #19 Aston Martin V12 Vantage of Aston Martin Racing. Congratulation for getting your first Pole Position and the first win of your Forza Sports Car Series Career!

ST- Congratulations to Raceboy77 for the win in his #77 Nissan Silva Spec-R RWD.

Hard Chargers
The GT Hard Charger Award 2 point bonus is earned by BasicBlaq in the #00 Ascari KZ1R for Charging through the field from 13th to finish 7th gaining 6 positions!

The GS Hard Charger Award 2 point bonus is earned by ROSCOEpCOTRAIN in the #14 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe for Charging from 9th in the field to finish 6th gaining 3 positions!

The ST Hard Charger Award 2 point bonus is earned by jpnVR4 in the #79 Nissan Silva Spec-R RWD for Charging from 10th in the field to finish 5th gaining 5 positions!


Race Recap and Incident Report


Lap 1 -Turn 5 - The #199 Honda S2000 RWD driven by Peader24 and the #33 Lexus SC300 RWD driven by Sirkane2 have slight contact that causes no damage. PENALTY - RACE INCIDENT

Lap 2 - Turn 1 - Peader24 gets into the back of JpnVR4's #79 Nissan Silva Spec-R RWD. causing moderate damage. It appeared that the two were racing closely into the turn with Peader 24 in chase. As the two went into the corner Peader 24 let off the gas and got on the brakes a bit early to prevent hitting the bumper but as he stayed close under braking JpnVR4 had to check up a second time as he started to push into the corner. It appears this second tap of the brakes caught Peader 24 offguard and the contact was created. PENALTY - RACE INCIDENT

Lap 2 - Turn 3 - Kamikaze1414 goes wide and off track. As he returns to the racing surface he does so right into the line and flow of oncoming traffic causing the #83 Scion FR-S RWD of XMan4299 to contact the right side door of Kamikaze1414's #7 Opel Speedster Turbo RWD causing significant damage to both cars and loss of control. PENALTY - 30 second Penalty and 5 Point Deduction 2 Race Probation(30 second penalty has no effect on race outcome)

There were a few incidents of other minor bumps and a lil rubbing of cars but nothing worthy of further noting.


Lap 1 - Turn 1 - Dr PiiHB under braking gets alongside of Matthnt into turn 1 as the two turn in it appears the two touch ever so slightly causing the #96 Aston Martin DBS of Matthnt no damage but does cause minor damage to Dr PiiHB's #1 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe. PENALTY - RACING INCIDENT

Lap 1 - Turn 1 - Tachyon Racing {R} does not brake safely and rear ends Abramsmech17 causing significant damage and loss of control. PENALTY - 5 Point Deduction 2 Race Probation

Lap 1 - Turn 1 - Hiredgun308 makes a gutsy and risky braking move making it 4 wide into turn 1. The move causes a very slight touch (Forza contact made it react worse than it was) with #41 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe of maxximillion. The reaction to the light contact causes Hiredgun308's car to veer to the left a bit which then causes a second contact of the two and then several other cars to get involved causing minor damage to a few of them. Nice move but extra risky Hiredgun308! PENALTY - WARNING (This could have turned out much worse)


Lag Created contact only noted

No Contact. Clean Race in GT!

Results are up Road America>>> CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE RESULTS <<<

Current Points Are Up.

Team Points Updated.

Top 3 has been Updated.




Top 3 Points Leaders Points Pictures updated

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