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Off to see the Wizard, to kick some happiness into him!

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Off to see the Wizard, to kick some happiness into him!

Post by ZAR Eries on Mon Dec 24, 2012 3:15 am

Hi Guys,

It has been a year of ups and downs work work and more work. It has been a time of reflection and seeing little people grow. It has been a wonderful experience I would not change for a second, and still not forget those in far away lands.

The cloud ...
It appears that white fluffy clouds are forming,
Floating carrying their own cargo.
Higher up than where birds would be soaring,
Its up to us to where we go.

It darkens with every yard of flight,
We clutch our chests sometime.
Even in tremendous height, the cloud perfectly in sight,
Little drops splatter, in unison they chime.

We often forget that even in the harshest storm,
Nature yearns for the rain.
We forget and ask why we were born,
Cause all we feel is sorrow and pain.

It is then that the sun rays breaks the night,
That flowers bloom in bliss.
So here for you all, my plight,
May you all have a wonderful Christmas.

-eD 2012

May you really this festive season, sit back and understand that life is about living it, you get the good and bad all in one go. Times might sometimes be hard, but heck other days you just dont want the day to end. It is a funny funny world we live in, a very small world. We dont have compasion to all, understood, but then we are all mates arent we, no matter skin color, language, country etc etc, we all get along, like the voice.

You see I love people, and you my friends, yes I love you too, in a NORMAL way.

This year or two has seen me change jobs and starting over making a name for myself, its rough sometimes and in the economic climate the world finds itself even more difficult. But we push through dont we. The mere fact that we can still play games is testament that life is okay.

I wish you all the merriest of festive seasons, and a wonderful Christmas, in HIS name. May you have a great new year as well and I trust that you will all be okay and enjoy this time.

Cheers and see you all in 2013.

The IFCA has been going since 2005 and thus this next year would make for 8 years! wow we are finally going to grade 2!


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