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Xbox Pro League Racing

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Xbox Pro League Racing

Post by GTDon2 on Wed Feb 06, 2013 3:13 pm

<iframe width='750' height='500' frameborder='0' src='https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0AvYc_5v1b_CRdHNHRHpVVHZSRE1jMTdFbVBPLUdjc3c&output=html&widget=true'></iframe>

What is the GP3 Series?

Using a power restricted R1 Racecar the GP3 Series offers drivers the chance to experience all the grip of a modern LMP1 car without the drama of trying to control 600Hp.
Each competitor will use the same car the same stock tune and only their skill as a driver to set them apart.

All that grip and monstorous braking power means finding the limit is easy,But who can find that extra tenth that sets them apart?

With cars as close as these the racing should be some of the closest and intense we've seen here on XPLR!

The season contains 4 endurance events to sort them men from the boys, however should endurance racing not interest you there will be a total of 4 drop scores over the season meaning you could skip these events without penalty.

Seriously these cars are a blast to drive and the racing is super close, so why not sign up and get involved in what promises to be an epic season..



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Re: Xbox Pro League Racing

Post by Guest on Wed Feb 13, 2013 5:17 am

still plenty of time to sign up for this competition, pop over to XPLR and get registered!


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Re: Xbox Pro League Racing

Post by Guest on Sat Feb 23, 2013 2:55 pm

opening round is @ 10PM GMT today!


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Re: Xbox Pro League Racing

Post by Guest on Mon Feb 25, 2013 5:00 am

Race Report for Round 1 of the GP3 Series at Road America!

Race 1 Highlights

Race 2 Highlights


Race 2 onboard myself if anyone's interested!

Race Report

XBR Mad Dog and XBR EGGY leads the rest of the pack down into the first corner.

maneatingbrick being chased down through the first corner.

XBR Eggy fending off King Bluess for 2nd place with alot of action further back!

maneatingbrick finding his way past Gregbie into the hardest braking zone on the track.

AndyT306 blasting through the corner under the bridge with many chasing!

lumpi wee giving all he's got to try keep King Bluess behind him.

XBR Mad Dog & Eggy creating a gap to the rest of the field.

GFM Liam attempting a pass on maneatingbrick but fails to make it stick.

XBR Speedy getting caught up in 'La Cartel'

xNIGHTMARE84 & GLIMMER UK getting caught up in an immense battle.

While TomTom TS & z GIXXER z battle just 50 feet infront.

TomTom TS runs alittle wide allowing z GIXXER z through, GLIMMER UK follows TomTom TS which also lets xNIGHTMARE84 sneak through.

GLIMMER UK getting back up the inside of xNIGHTMARE84.

xNIGHTMARE84 once again switches positions with GLIMMER UK.

XBR Mad Dog converting his pole into a win with XBR EGGY taking 2nd & King Bluess taking 3rd.


BOOKER DEAN leads into the first corner closely followed by GLIMMER UK & GFM Liam.

BOOKER DEAN increasing his lead at the front with the top 5 trying to prevent this from happening.

Gregbie getting caught up with some contact which later led to the early retirement of King Bluess & Gregbie

GLIMMER UK leading GFM Liam and TomTom TS .

GabrielSoares15 & z GIXXER Z Battling up to the last corner!

XBR Mad Dog finding a gap inbetween XBR Speedy & z GIXXER z with EGGY right behind him!

XBR Mad Dog & XBR Eggy bump drafting down the straight to get past Speedy & GIXXER

GLIMMER UK finding a way to pass Booker Dean for the lead

xNIGHTMARE84 doing the same thing on maneatingbrick

GLIMMER UK pits early to try keep XBR Mad Dog, XBR Eggy & GFM Liam behind.

XBR Eggy using GFM Liam's Slipstream to get past him on the straight.

xNIGHTMARE84 stays out of the pit to try and get past AndyT306

XBR Mad Dog overtakes Glimmer Uk in the pits to take the lead.

XBR Eggy does the same but nearly takes the lead from Mad Dog

xNIGHTMARE84 does the same to AndyT306.

Sorry guys but that's as far as the replay's letting me get! But XBR Mad Dog went on to win the race followed by his teammate XBR Eggy. Glimmer Uk took the final step on the podium with GFM Liam snapping at his heels for 4th.

XBR Mad Dog leads the championship after the first race with the double win followed by his teammate XBR Eggy just 10 points behind. maneatingbrick is 3rd with 170 points. XBRGFM Eggy Dog Biscuits sits comfortably in 1st in the team championship with La Cartel their closest rivals 134 points behind.

Feel Free to post how your race went or what you think on the highlights!


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Re: Xbox Pro League Racing

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