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Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge Info

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Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge Info

Post by GTDon2 on Wed Feb 06, 2013 3:28 pm

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General Information
Welcome to the IFCA, “Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge Series.” This series intends to replicate the popular Grand Am Rolex production car series currently being contested in the real world of American road racing. It’s a series that showcases many of the world’s most popular and affordable sports cars with minor engine upgrades tunable suspension and transmission parts, and no downforce. Cars have been hand tested and prepared to do battle on an equal footing to find out which car maker really has the best sporting automotive solution to outperform the rest.

There are two classes of production based cars to pick from. 15 GS cars and 20 ST cars. These cars run on the same tracks at the same time, but are not racing against each class, and have separate points.

Nearly every car represented in the real Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge, is represented here. Like the real series, there are more ST than GS cars to pick from. All the cars in both classes were tested to run within 0.10 of a second of each other making them technically closer in performance than their real-life counterparts. Even so, each season we will make minor adjustments just as the real series does.

*Also, like real racing, no microphones will be allowed, except between teammates.

The Grand Sport (GS) class features large-displacement 6-cylinder or 8-cylinder sports cars as well as small displacement 4-cylinder forced induction sports cars.

The Street Tuner (ST) class is for smaller 4-cylinder or 6-cylinder compact sedans, coupes, or roadsters.

Racing will be Monday evenings at 4:00pm PST/6:00pm CST/7:00pm EST/12:00am GMT.


- There will be a standing start.

- No Restarts.

-Without microphones for single drivers (teams can use private chat) a more strict review of each race will be in place before the results will be called Official. Penalties for reckless or careless driving will be time based, and not up for debate.

Car Tunes/Builds

- Car Builds can be found here (builds are subject to change each season.)

- Car builds may not be altered, (each car’s telemetry will be reviewed after the race for the correct hp/tq/rpm.)

- Car tuning is allowed


-Sign-ups are here. Indicate whether you are a single, or two driver team. Teams must use the same car in the same class with the same livery.

Gamer Tag



Team Name


-If there are not at least 7 cars from both Classes for the entire field, those in the minority Class will be asked to pick a car from the majority Class.

-If you cannot get into the lobby before the start of the race you will be left behind. If there is a significant amount of people who cannot get into the lobby a decision will be made whether or not we continue or try again next week.

- If you cannot get into the lobby it is your responsibility to let us know that you are having an issue.

- We ask that everyone checks their networks and connections prior to joining the lobby to ensure that everyone has a fair chance to get in.

- The guideline for who gets to race when there is an unresolved connection conflict is, “first come first serve.” Whoever was originally in the room first will get to race.

- If you lag out of a lobby that is already in session you will lose all driver points earned for the session.

- Please be on time.


- You may use any livery you can find but you must be able to follow the new livery rules for Series 4 HERE.

*If any livery rules are disobeyed you will be asked to leave the lobby and change your livery. You will notbe docked your starting position or points, unless it is determined you ran an illegal paint after the race.

Season Scoring

- Driver Points will be determined by overall driver position at the end of the race using the Standard IFCA point scale of 1 point per place.

- There will be a single bonus point for fastest lap of the race in each class.

- Two driver teams will be scored as a combined finishing average on the points chart against singles. This means that teams will not only be competing against other teams, but also against singles. Team drivers will be rated individually however. As a team you will be allowed to use private chat with each other. As long as a team finishes in tandem, i.e., 1-2, 2-3, 3-4 etc., they will earn the higher place. A 1-2 finish, earns a win. A 2-3 finish earns 2nd. A 3-4 finish earns 3rd and so on. If team drivers do not finish together but have a gapped finish of 1-8, or 3-10, or 6-12 for example, then their finishing order will be averaged, i.e., added together and divided by 2. 1 8=9/2=4.5 for example.

- Manufacturer points are added up by podium count, 3 for 1st, 2 for 2nd, and 1 for 1st.

Qualifying Procedure

-Qualifying will be 5laps just prior to the race.

- The lobby will be re-set to collisions always off, compare best lap times, limited damage, lobby points. There will be a 3 second delay between each car on the track. This will give everyone the correct starting grid order.

- It is intended and assumed that the faster GS cars in each lobby will naturally qualify/grid in front of the slower ST cars. However, there is a slight possibility that an ST car could grid in front of a GS car. (GS cars are about 2.8sec faster per lap than ST cars)

- Non-qualifying racers will be lined up in the order they arrived, at the back of the grid regardless of class.

*Lobby assignments are initially sorted by IFCA ratings from the most current published list for the first race. This is to insure that those in a lobby are competing with drivers of their own skill level for the most part. Doesn't mean that you can't have a low rated or a high rated driver above or below the average rating of a lobby.

After the first race, lobby assignment will be guided by the results. Those that did well will be grouped together for race 2 in the case of multiple lobbies before qualifying. All of this is done because we want to have the most competitive rooms. Since the format is total time it's important that we try to eliminate rooms that would allow a clear track runaway.

Everyone will tend to qualify and race with the same group each week. We will not be re-assigning drivers after qualifying. It is assumed that you are already with drivers of your own skill level through the IFCA ratings. Qualifying in such a group should produce competitive times.

Teams will be grid sorted by the highest rating of the two drivers before qualifying. The team member with the fastest qualifying time dictates grid position for the team.

Race Format

Drivers will initially be grouped roughly by their World Rating for which lobby they will qualify and race in for the first race. Drivers will then be grouped according to previous finishing order for the following races. Before each race there will be a 5lap qualifier. We will attempt to have an equal number of GS and ST cars in each lobby.

-5 lap qualifier prior to every race.

-Standing starts, limited damage, any assists except TCS. A small total time handicap will be placed on any AWD cars, and a small total time advantage will be placed on any FWD cars per class. This calculation will be added or subtracted from the total time when the race becomes Official.

GS AWD  1.0sec added to total time

ST AWD  1.1sec added to total time

ST FWD -0.7sec subtracted from total time

- Race length will be roughly 1 hour depending on the length of the track and number of laps.

-Multiple lobbies are expected and because of this, total time will determine your finishing order.

- Each car must make 1 mandatory pit stop after the first flying lap and before the last lap.

- You will have to stay in the same car and livery for the 5 race season.

-What if there is a tie in series points between a team position and a single? The 2 team members ratings will be averaged, and if it is higher than the single they are tied with, they will get the position points.


$10,000,000.00 credits to the season winner.


The IFCA is a place for honest racers, and is a place where cheating is not tolerated. If you are caught cheating, you will be banned from the series. If you are caught cheating a second time, you will be banned from the IFCA for life.

We have a zero tolerance policy on cheating. If you are discovered to have the wrong build you will be banned even if it was just an accident. If your telemetry shows you have the incorrect horsepower or torque, you will be banned. Word to the wise? Double check, and triple check, that you are running the correct builds.


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