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[FMUK] Mazda 2 trophy

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[FMUK] Mazda 2 trophy

Post by HLR Guru on Tue Apr 02, 2013 5:13 pm

Hello and welcome to the next FMUK featured race series. Season 3 of GP1 sees us bring in a new set of rules, regulations and race format set up compared to the previous series.

The series will be a 6 round championship held every Thursday at 9pm.

Season 3 of GP1 see’s the P.I system used for the very first in a bid to bring the field even closer together. For each place finished behind first you will gain an additional 2 P.I to put onto your car for the following weeks race. This will change if more than 10 people sign up to race in which case you will only gain 1 P.I. The winning driver will be unable to add any extra parts to his car for the following week.

Race format:

Each race night will consist of a single flying lap ‘superpole’ where, drivers will have an outlap, (which they must uncertify) and then a single flying lap. This will determine the grid for the race.

Each race will be approximately 45 minutes in length, denoted by a lobby length of 50minutes. Racing conditions will end once 45 minutes have elapsed and 5 minutes remain. All drivers must then complete the lap they are on, and take note of what the timer says as the cross the finish line. Drivers must make a mandatory pitstop between 5-30minutes race timer.

Damage will be set to Limited for both qualifying and race

  • Pre-season test and media day: 4/4/13 Sedona club/ Motegi east
  • Round 1 11/4/13: Iberian full
  • Round 2 18/4/13: Motegi East
  • Round 3 25/4/13: Nurburgring GP short
  • Round 4 2/5/13: Mugello Full
  • Round 5 9/7/13: Sedona full reverse
  • Round 6 16/5/13: Indianapolis GP

The car:

Mazda 2.

All drivers must run with the same build for week 1’s race. The car is limited tuning and drivers are allowed to change the tune. This build is available from me and will be gifted upon request. Please note drivers can edit the TUNE but NOT the build for week 1

After week 1 drivers will be adding their own parts however all cars must have the mandatory parts on at all rounds:

[hide=Mandatory parts]
Mandatory parts
Race brakes
Race front and rear anti roll bars
Race clutch
Sport transmission
Race differential
Forza front aero
Please note engine swaps are also banned throughout the season.

These parts must be on your build EVERY week throughout the season


[hide=Point system:]
This system applies for the entire series:
1st: 20 points
2nd: 17 points
3rd: 15 points
4th: 13 points
5th: 11 points
6th: 10 points
7th: 9 points
8th: 8 points
9th: 7 points
10th: 6 points
11th: 5 points
12th: 4 points
13th: 3 points


Please note the winner of the series will be the person with the most championship points not the lowest P.I as in the previous P.i series.

If a driver gets a DNF with less than 3 laps to go, they will be awarded points relevant to when they dropped out of the race. For example, the first driver to drop out would be awarded points for 16th; the next driver to drop out would be awarded points for 15th, etc

Livery rules:

  1. Drivers must have number boards on both front doors (left and right hand side)
  2. On the bonnet of the car
  3. On rear of the car.
  4. All cars must show forzamotorsport.co.uk on some part of the car

Signing in:

Signing in for your race will be open until 8pm on race day. If you say you are a maybe this will be counted as a no so please let us know as soon as you can. We understand that in some occasions you might say you can race but are then unavailable at short notice. Please when you are able to let us know so it doesn’t count as a no show.

Please only sign up if you have the intention of racing.



Here is a guide to sorting out your lobbies as fast as possible when connection problems are evident.
[URL="http://www.forzamotorsport.co.uk/showthread.php?t=26549"]Connection Issues - What to do - Please read[/URL]
Restarts/Safety car
In the race:

If a crash happens on lap 1 affecting 4 or more drivers then please call out that an accident has happened. The host will call a restart and everyone can quit to the lobby once the host confirms the restart. Quit before at your own peril

If during the race there is an incident involving 4 cars the host may call for a safety car procedure to be used. This will involve the lead driver slowing down to a speed that allows the other drivers to catch back up, and the field to therefore re-group. ONLY the host can call this and it should only be used in exceptional circumstances. During a safety car phase drivers are not allowed to overtake but can pit in to change tyres.

All drivers need to make sure they have signed the racing etiquette thread otherwise you can’t race.

Can all Drivers NOTE: 2 wheels to remain on the tarmac at all times (unless you go into the litter Wink ) a minor off maybe noted as racing but no gain is to had either in time or places. If you cut corners over and over expect a penalty, you have been warned. If you suspect or see corner cutting, report it to Guru, Stewards or even Mods. Save a replay and note time, place and who.

Thanks and clean racing

Sign up:

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Re: [FMUK] Mazda 2 trophy

Post by GTDon2 on Wed Apr 03, 2013 8:41 am

Very good, we hope to send some people your way, and rate this series.


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Re: [FMUK] Mazda 2 trophy

Post by HLR Guru on Wed Apr 03, 2013 10:48 am

done some practice with stonedef and spiny anteater (you guys know theyre pace) and 5 laps racing we were seperated by less then 2 seconds imagine this for 45mins and tis will be the mazda cup

look to see you there don

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30-79 posts

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Re: [FMUK] Mazda 2 trophy

Post by AAR ABEnstein on Wed Apr 03, 2013 2:51 pm

Which series is going to be officially rated? Mazda or Clio?

Edit: I got an answer, Guru says it will be the Clio event.

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Re: [FMUK] Mazda 2 trophy

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