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TYA Classics Series Rules

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TYA Classics Series Rules

Post by TYA Stig 50 on Tue Apr 09, 2013 10:10 pm

TYA Classics Rules

Register at http://racetya.com/

Available cars:

1. 1958 Aston Martin DBR1

2. 1958 Austin-Healey Sprite MK-III

3. 1953 Chevrolet Corvette

4. 1957 Ferrari Testa Rossa

5. 1956 Jaguar D-Type

6. 1956 Lotus Eleven

7. 1957 Maserati 300 S

8. 1955 Mercedes Benz 300 SLR

9. 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder

Section 1: Point Structure

1st 30
2nd 27
3rd 25
4th 23
5th 21
6th 20
7th 19
8th 18
9th 17
10th 16
11th 15
12th 14
13th 13
14th 12
15th 11
16th 10
17th 9
18th 8
19th 7
20th 6
21st 5
22nd 4
23rd 3
24th 2

DNQ (Did Not Qualify) Driver showed for qualifying, but did not place in the top 32 and therefore did not make the race.

DNS (Did Not Show) Driver did not show for Qualifying, and no grid positions were open to be "auto-qualified" into.

Section 2: Scoring Rules

Drivers must complete a minimum of 15 minutes.

Caution laps will not affect the time limit.

Drivers who lag or quit out of a room prior to the completion of 15 minutes, will receive points for last place overall based on the total number of qualified drivers.

Drivers who are able to complete a minimum of 15 minutes, before lagging or quitting out will receive last place points for their specific room.

Manufacturers will only be awarded points for the highest finishing position.

No bonus points will be awarded for Pole or fastest lap times.

All ties will be broken through a total of the least number of DNQ's.

If needed, ties will be broken using the total number of finishing positions 1st through 8th place, beginning with race wins.

If tie is unable to be broken, the tie will stand.

There will be no dropped or double point races during the 10 race season.

Section 3: Qualifying

Qualifying will be held at the current weeks track and will consist of one 5 lap session.

Qualifying rooms will be setup as Career rooms with Collisions set to “Off”, Damage set to “Simulation”, Race End by “Number of laps” and Win by "Fastest Lap."

It is each driver’s responsibility to ensure the integrity and function of their cars.

Pits will be open during qualifying for those drivers who damage their car; however, time limit will not be extended.

Qualifying will not be restarted once all drivers have completed a minimum of two laps.

If any driver lags out before completing two laps, the room official may restart the room.

If any driver quits out before completing two laps, he/she will receive a DNQ.

If a driver lags or quits out of a qualifying room after completing two laps, he/she will be awarded grid position based on best lap completed before lagging or quitting out.

Drivers may run any tuning setup they prefer, so long as the car meets the series upgrade restrictions.

Grid positions will be awarded by lap times starting with the fastest lap earning Pole Position, and each lower lap getting the next grid position.

Any driver who shows up after the qualifying session starts will not be allowed to qualify, but instead will be "Auto-Qualified" behind all other qualified drivers.

If more than one driver is Auto-Qualified they will be qualified in order of arrival.

If there are no open grid positions for Auto-Qualified drivers, those drivers we receive a DNQ and will earn 0 points for that race.

* Forza note: Whether your lap times were clean or dirty, whichever lap time shows on the race results screen will be used as each drivers fastest lap.

Section 4: Race Rules

Races will be a 1 hour timed race.

Races will begin from a standing start after the completion of 1 warm-up (positioning) lap.

Pace speed will be 60-70 mph.

Each driver must maintain a distance of between 80 and 100 feet during the warm-up lap.

When drivers approach the Start/Finish line at the end of the warm-up lap, each driver must be between 20 and 30 feet from the driver directly in front of them with the Pole position and 2nd place drivers stopping just before the Start/Finish line.

After all drivers are in their respective grid positions and have come to a complete stop at the Start/Finish line, the pole sitter will announce a time on the race timer(The larger set of numbers) to start the race.

Any driver jumping the start will be penalized with a mandatory pit stop that must be taken within the next two laps even if Pit Lane is closed to the other drivers.

Pit stops required by a penalty will not count toward the mandatory Pit stop for the race.

Races will be run with Collisions set to "On", and Damage set to "Simulation”, Race End by Laps" and Win by “Completion."

It is the responsibility of each driver to maintain the integrity and function of their car.

Races will not be restarted once the lead driver completes 10 minutes have past.

Pit lane will not open until 10 minutes into the race.

Drivers exiting Pit Lane must observe the entire Pit Lane.

Any driver found leaving Pit Lane early will be penalized with an additional Mandatory Pit Stop.

If offense is found after the completion of the race, the driver will be penalized with a two point deduction of points for that race.

Any restarts prior to 10 minutes of completion, will be at the discretion of the room official.

All drivers will be required to make at least one Pit stop after Pit Lane has opened, but before completing 80% race time.

Drivers will not be permitted to driver off-track for any reason.

Any driver found driving off-track will be penalized with an additional mandatory Pit Stop.

If offense is found after the completion of the race, the driver will be penalized with a two point deduction of points for that race.

Section 5: Cautions

Cautions may be called by any driver during a race.

Cautions may be called when one or more drivers lose control of their car(s) creating a hazardous condition for the other drivers.

If a driver wrecks his/her car but does not create a hazard for the other drivers, a caution may not be called.

Once a caution has been called, the race leader will slow down to pace lap speeds (60-70 mph).

All drivers must maintain their current "Track" positions.

Track position may not be the same as race position.

No driver is permitted to pass any other driver, for any reason, while under caution.

As each driver catches up to the race leader, drivers will form a single file line behind the race leader maintaining a distance of 80 to 100 feet from the driver directly in front of them.

Pit lane will remain open during cautions, provided the race leader has completed lap 5.

Any driver choosing to enter Pit lane will not retain their current position, but will rejoin the race at the back of the pack.

If the current race leader chooses to enter Pit Lane, he/she must announce that they are doing so and inform the other drivers that there may be a new race leader to follow.

Once the offending driver(s) are no longer a hazard to the other drivers, the lead driver, upon reaching the Start/Finish line, will announce "Go, Go, Go" signaling the restart of the race.

The race leader does not have to wait for the offending drivers or those drivers who chose to enter Pit lane to rejoin the pack before restarting the race.

Section 6: Driver Registration

All drivers wishing to participate in the race season must have at least three race officials on their Xbox LIVE Friends List.

All drivers will be required to choose a car number from the pool of available numbers listed on racetya.com.

Drivers who participated in the previous season will have first choice from the available numbers.

# 1 will be reserved for the previous season’s winner.

No 0's will be permitted before your car number (i.e. 001).

No letters will be permitted in car numbers (i.e. 20m, v05).

Car numbers must be between # 2 and # 99.

All drivers wishing to register for the race season must contact one of the race officials through Xbox LIVE Messenger letting them know of your intent to race.

Message must contain the Make and Model you have chosen to driver, as well as your preferred car number choice.

If an interested driver is part of a car club or racing league and plans to represent them during the season, the name of the club or league needs to be included in the message.
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Re: TYA Classics Series Rules

Post by AAR ABEnstein on Sun Apr 14, 2013 11:16 am

Do you guys have a list of the tracks in this series? I can't seem to find one on your website.

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