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Post by HLR Guru on Sat Apr 13, 2013 6:41 am

Hi everybody and welcome to the FMUK TT #29

Track.Nurburgring Stage C Class.S Deadline. Sunday 21st April 11.59pm


500 extra vCash for everyone who gets into the Top 100!


1st - 5millCr

2nd - 3millCr

3rd - 2 millCr


Entrants will be awarded 50 vcash for entering, and 50 vcash for everyone they finish above in the TT.

Simply set your time then post in this thread and I'll update every so often.
If you set a better time make a new post, don't edit a previous one.
As with previous TT's an uncertified lap will be below any certified laps.

If a personal best time is not set you can post or pm me a picture or maybe put the replay on your storefront
although I will need to know which lap is your quickest to save watching all the replay.

Anything your not sure about, just ask. As always Good luck everyone.

Thanks for taking part.


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