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Season 4 Race Incidents and Protests

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Season 4 Race Incidents and Protests

Post by THO Shooter on Wed Jun 12, 2013 6:29 pm


All IFCA competitors are encouraged to be as clean and fair as possible when racing on the track as per the racing standards, but sometimes there are incidents that require an investigation by Race Stewards to ensure driving standards are kept as high as possible with the possibility of penalties being issued. If you feel you have an incident that warrants an inquiry due to actions on the track that severely go against the spirit of the rules or IFCA as a whole, then please use the following procedure:


All incidents must be presented within 24 hours of the event being completed. If however, it is presented after this time has passed, the case is no longer valid. In addition, all incidents must be accompanied by video evidence which should be available both on the forum and your storefront.

If the above criteria is filled, then complete this form:

Which race:
Which room:
What lap:
Who was involved:
What happened:
Replay storefront keywords:

If you do not feel comfortable writing this information here, you may PM the series organizer as detailed in the Rules and Regulations. They will then post this information within this thread.

Any incidents that require a penalty will be detailed in the next post

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