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Announcing Continental Sports Car Challenge Season 4

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Announcing Continental Sports Car Challenge Season 4

Post by THO Shooter on Wed Jun 12, 2013 6:40 pm

Welcome to the IFCA, Where the crowds are flocking in to witness the upcoming “Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge Series.” This series intends to replicate the popular Grand Am Rolex production car series currently being contested in the real world of American road racing. It’s a series that showcases many of the world’s most popular and affordable sports cars with minor engine upgrades tunable suspension and transmission parts, and no down force. Cars have been hand tested and prepared to do battle on an equal footing to find out which car maker really has the best sporting automotive solution to outperform the rest when the pedal hits the metal.

Nearly every car represented in the real Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge, is represented here. Like the real series, there are more ST than GS cars to pick from. All the cars in both classes were tested to run within 0.10 of a second of each other making them technically closer in performance than their real-life counterparts. Even so, each season we will make minor adjustments just as the real series does to ensure the competition stays alive and fun for all involved.

There are two classes of production based cars to pick from. 15 GS cars and 20 ST cars. These cars run on the same tracks at the same time, but are not racing against each class, and have separate points.
The Grand Sport (GS) class features large-displacement 6-cylinder or 8-cylinder sports cars as well as small displacement 4-cylinder forced induction sports cars.

The Street Tuner (ST) class is for smaller 4-cylinder or 6-cylinder compact sedans, coupes, or roadsters.

Racing will be Monday evenings at 4:00pm PST/6:00pm CST/7:00pm EST/12:00am GMT.

Some interesting details regarding the series:

-No microphones (except between teammates in private chat): This rule has proven to create a more enjoyable and competitive experience for the drivers, mostly because drivers are more careful when passing.

-Two-driver teams are scored by average finishing time: Two driver teams will be scored as a combined finishing average on the points chart against singles. This means that teams will not only be competing against other teams, but also against singles. Team drivers will be rated individually, however.  As long as a team finishes in tandem, i.e., 1-2, 2-3, 3-4 etc., they will earn the higher place. A 1-2 finish, earns a win. A 2-3 finish earns 2nd. A 3-4 finish earns 3rd and so on. If team drivers do not finish together but have a gapped finish of 1-8, or 3-10, or 6-12 for example, then their finishing order will be averaged, i.e., added together and divided by 2. 1 8=9/2=4.5 for example.

-Any driver who lags out will get last place finishing time + one second: This helps sort out the averages for teams, so as long as one member finishes the race, the team will still get a good finishing position.

Follow the link to find out more !

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