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[ForzaUniverse] Eco-hatch

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[ForzaUniverse] Eco-hatch

Post by HLR Guru on Tue Jun 18, 2013 7:51 pm

Welcome to MVG Racing 6 Week Econo-Hatch Challenge

Series Starts Friday 14th June 21:30pm (GMT)

The tournament will be using 5 fixed build cars and they are available on my storefront (HLR Warrior or search mvgtest), all cars are B Class. We are using 5 different cars for 6 different tracks and you have to choose a different car for each track, once you have used a car you are unable to use it again until the last race (which I'll explain further on). If you can't afford all tunes/cars then we will find a way of getting these cars to you for the race you need.

Each week you will have to use a different car for each track so choose what you think is best for that weeks track, on the final race of the season you can use any of the cars given. Each week when the Sign in Thread goes up you are required to post which car you will be using for that week so make sure you have done your testing.

The cars we will be using are:

Renault Megane
Seat Leon '10
Mugen Civic Type-R 3D
Citroën DS4
Volvo C30

Here are the tracks and dates that we will be racing on:

Week 1:
Cataluńya National 14-06-2013
Week 2: Suzuka West 21-06-2013
Week 3: Infineon IRL. 28-06-2013
Week 4:   Iberian Full Reverse 05-07-2013
Week 5: Maple Valley Full Reverse 12-07-2013
Week 6: Mugello Short 19-07-2013

Race Series Scoring

1st – 25
2nd – 20
3rd – 18
4th – 15
5th – 12
6th – 10
7th – 8
8th – 6
9th – 5
10th – 4
11th – 3
12th – 2
13th – 1

If more People enter and there is more than one lobby the scoring system will be adjusted to reflect this .

With this series being 6 weeks long not everyone can take part every week, this could be due to real life issues work commitments etc etc so we will be dropping 1 weeks score from your championship points, the score that will be dropped will be your lowest scored. So for example if you finish 2nd in 5 weeks races and finished 8th in one of those weeks, your 8th place points will be dropped, this is to give people a chance who can't make every race.


We are giving away our normal 3 Unicorn Cars at the end of the championship to the top 3 positions but as an added prize we are giving away a free copy of Forza Horizon. To be able to win the FREE copy of Forza Horizon youMUST enter all 6 races, then in the LAST RACE of the season, it will be awarded to the driver with the lowest 1000th at the end of the race, (So 38:53.435 would beat 37:52.621).

This makes the whole affair completely transparent & adds a little last minute suspense.

Race Rules

Lobby Damage will be set to COSMETIC Damage.

First race will be random grid, all subsequent races will be reverse championship grid and will require a 1 lap set up before-hand to set the lobby up.

There will also be a 2 second roll off delay to keep the faster guys occupied in the race.


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