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The next ERA of IFCA

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The next ERA of IFCA

Post by THO Shooter on Thu Jun 20, 2013 5:48 am

A new era dawns upon us day by day and its going to be a wild one, door to door, bumper to bumper, rivals against rivals, times against consistency, tactics against stupidity and friends against friends, Its going to be one hell of a ride and i cant wait for it to arrive, Plus hello to you all, i haven't got time to go through every member and say hello, HELLO and welcome to the soon to be worlds greatest racing organization known to man..

I personally cant wait to get behind the wheel of some of my dream cars and cruise them around the tracks looking at the beautiful breath taking scenery, to get behind the wheel of pre-made and built up racing cars and thrash them around the track with friends and rivals in a heated battle for the top 3 positions in a championship deciding race.

Yes there will be crashes and accidents, But hey, thats racing at its best, as the late Ayrton Senna once said "You are not a racing driver untill you go for the gaps", but alas, we know when to make a move that will be spoken about for time to come, we know how to control our cars, we know when to use strategy, we know how to make friends and we know how to make the most of what we have and make it better !

Would also like to give a big thank you to AAR GTDon and ZAR Eries for Giving us The opportunity to bring back racing drivers together for a few more years at least, A big thank you to all the Team leaders out there for making the right choice in putting your teams together and bringing them here where you found another team and called upon them to be your rivals and do anything to beat them at the track, where as away from the track we are all good friends, team-mates and family.

I bow my head in honor and praise for you are all truly amazing at what you do, keep up the great work, for new people wanting to get in on the action and current people who have already made their choice and chose to follow it and this is where it has got them. For the good of mankind keep everything running smoothly and efficiently !

We here at IFCA are looking forward to working with you all to create one of the best racing organizations out there and bring back what the IFCA used to be, with races on a regular basis and championships being won on a weekly basis, Myself, i am certainly hyped up about the upcoming 2014 season and you guys can look forward to a revamp and the best season to race with come 2014, yes we may not be the biggest racing organization out there but by jingo we are determined to be the best !

See you all on the track and hope you keep it clean, close and exciting.

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