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[ForzaUniverse] GT2 Championship sign up

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[ForzaUniverse] GT2 Championship sign up

Post by HLR Guru on Mon Jun 24, 2013 6:11 pm

Welcome to the next ForzaUniverse Sunday night race series. After the ultra-successful and competitive DTM series we decided to keep with higher class cars but add some new elements never before seen here at ForzaUniverse.

We will be using the sites ranking system to also give the people in the sites 4th group (James May’s) a real chance of mixing it with the field for the entire race. These drivers will compete in the GT AM part of this series, GT AM cars/drivers will not have to run the  Horsepower reduction that the other competitors will have to run. Dependant on your on-site grading your horse power handicap will vary. This is explained lower down.

Race details:

Race night: Sunday
Time: 9pm (BST)
Series duration: 1 test week and 6 race nights

Race format:

Qualifying: Outlap followed by 2 flying laps.
Race 1: 15minutes NO pitstop
Race 2: 30minutes 1 mandatory pitstop (random grid order)

The final round will be a single 50minute endurance race using reverse championship grid format. This race will again feature a single mandatory pitstop.

07/07/2013: Test night track TBC
14/07/13: Silverstone GP
21/07/13: Hockenheim full
28/07/13: Suzuka full
04/08/13: Sedona full reverse
11/08/13: Nurburgring GP full
18/08/13: Le mans la Sarthe (endurance race)

Assists and damage:

•    All assists are allowed in this series.
•    Damage will be set to Cosmetic.

Championships available:

In a first for ForzaUniverse we will be running five individual trophies within this event, these are listed below.

GT Pro:

This series is available for all drivers entering in the GT pro series.


This is available for all drivers who will be entering in the GT AM part of this series. This trophy is only available to those drivers who are in the lowest banding we use here on the site. 

Autosport Independents cup:

This cup is for drivers running their own team in the series. Points will be based off their overall finishing position in the race. 

ForzaUniverse manufacture’s championship:

Each car will have a single factory team. A factory team will consist of 2 drivers, these drivers cannot come from the same classing system used here at ForzaUniverse.

ForzaUniverse Privateers championship:

  All non-factory teams are eligible for this trophy. Similar to the factory teams all teams will consist of 2drivers who cannot be in the same ranking class. 
The cars:

Lotus Evora type 124 enduro:

Max P.I: 748
Max HP: 548
Minimum weight: 2800lbs

Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 (2011 model):

Max p.i: 760
Max HP: 485
Minimum weight: 2700lbs

Audi R8 LMS:

Max P.I: 760
Max hp: 530
Minimum weight: 3000lbs


# 62 Ferrari F458 Italia (2011)

Max P.i: 765
Max HP: 465
Minimum weight: 2700lbs


#08 Yokohama Gallardo LP560-4

Max P.I: 769
Max HP: 552
Minimum weight: 2600

#40 Ford GT MK7

Max P.I: 765
Max HP: 484
Minimum weight: 2600

All cars must run original tyres, drag tyres are not permitted in this series.

Rankings handicap:

It has been decided that to level the playing field across the series the following reductions will be applied on race cars:

If you are unsure on what your grade means click this link: www.forzauniverse.net/index.php?topic=358.0

Group 1: -20% reduction
Group 2: -15% reduction
Group 3: -10% Reduction
Group 4: No reduction

So people are aware testing has found that on an average length track a 5% HP reduction is worth .3-.7 per lap on an average length track. By introducing this we are attempting to bring the field even closer together for the duration of the series.

  • Once finalised Vinyl packs will be made available (within 48hours hopefully)

    Teams must run the same liveries on both cars, to confirm entry into the series a picture of the car must be PM’d to myself to add to the spotters guide for the series. Details on how the picture should look.

    All independent drivers must have the autosport logo clearly shown on their car.[/li]

  • [/li]

All drivers must read the race standards thread and confirm they have read before entering. see this thread www.forzauniverse.net/index.php?topic=1039.0

Thanks for reading, see you on the track

ForzaUniverse competition organisers

HLR Guru
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30-79 posts

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Re: [ForzaUniverse] GT2 Championship sign up

Post by HLR Guru on Sun Jun 30, 2013 7:21 pm

just bumping this to let you guys know we have still spaces available in all cars

HLR Guru
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30-79 posts

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