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Season 4 Livery rules and Number plates

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Season 4 Livery rules and Number plates

Post by THO Shooter on Fri Jun 28, 2013 8:42 pm

This is an example of where we would like to see the URL and Numberplate..

I cant stress enough that you MUST have these in place on your car to be able to race, we will be checking these on your car prior to qualifying..




If you require this plate, please send a message and a FR to BAR Smurfy and it will be passed to you asap

You may use any livery you wish but you must have the Correct IFCA Number board and Website URL on the sides of your car, the website URL on the Front and rear Bumpers and your racing number on the rear of your car, You must have the Number board complete with your racing number on the hood of the car also.

You must also have a Continental Logo on your car somewhere visible in order to take part

You may find the number board from either myself or Gnashy Nate and you will not be permitted to race or DQ'd if you are found to be running with the wrong plate, URL or Continental logo missing

Storefront livery's are NOT Permitted this season

May i remind you that you will NOT be permitted to race if you are found to be in breach of the Season 4 livery rules, a paint examination will be conducted before the first race to determine if paints are ok to run, this will be held on the track just before qualifying, if you are found to be using the wrong paint, you can complete your qualifying and then be asked to correct your cars before the start of the race.

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