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[ForzaUniverse] Nascar Community Race series

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[ForzaUniverse] Nascar Community Race series

Post by HLR Guru on Sun Jun 30, 2013 7:23 pm

Hello and welcome to the first of the future of tuesday nights here at ForzaUniverse. This event will be following on from our currently active Endurance multi-class championship. The future of tuesday nights changes with this competition. Tuesday nights become the community race series night. That means you guys give us the idea and either you or we run the event. The same 4 week format as current tuesday nights but series wanted and asked for by you, the sites members. Obviously not all ideas will be used but please post up and we will do as ,uch as we can, but back onto this Nascar series to be run by HLR Milo    

For those who don’t know much about Nascar here a small bit of information:

On March 8, 1936, a collection of drivers gathered at Daytona Beach, Florida. The drivers brought coupes, hardtops, convertibles, and sports cars to compete in an event to determine the fastest cars, and best drivers. Throughout the race, the heavier cars got bogged down in the sand, while the lightweight Fords navigated the ruts of the course, eventually claiming the top 6 finishes for the race. Of the 27 cars that started the event, only 10 managed to survive the ordeal, as officials halted the event 10 miles short of the scheduled 250 mile distance. Driver Milt Marion was declared the winner, and a young Bill France placed 5th at the end of the day.

NASCAR is second only to the National Football League among professional sports franchises in terms of television ratings in the United States. Internationally, NASCAR races are broadcast in over 150 countries. In 2004 NASCAR's Director of Security stated that NASCAR holds 17 of the top 20 regularly attended single-day sporting events in the world. NASCAR has 75 million fans who purchase over $3 billion annually in licensed products.

The championship will start on Tuesday the 16th of July at 9.30pm (BST) and will be held at the same time for the next 3 Tuesdays.

2011 #04 Chevrolet racing Monte Carlo SS stock car
2011 #05 Ford Racing Fusion Stock car


16/07: Benchmark speedway
23/07: Sunset Peninsula speedway
30/07: Indianapolis Speedway
06/08: Infineon Nascar circuit

Race and Qualifying Format:

Qualifying: Race 1 will be decided with a Super Pole lap. Race 2 will be reverse lobby points.

Race 1: 15 minute race
Race 2: 25 minute race

Weeks 2-4 race 2 will feature a single mandatory pitstop.
Point System:

In keeping with other ForzaUniverse events points will be allocated as follows.

1st – 25Points
2nd – 20
3rd – 18
4th – 15
5th – 12
6th – 11
7th – 10
8th – 8
9th – 7
10th – 6
11th – 5
12th – 4
13th – 3
14th - 2
15th - 1


Auto Brake banned on all Speedways (Allowed on Road Course)
Cosmetic Damage
Stock Upgrades
Tuning ONLY Allowed at Infineon Nascar Circuit

Rolling Start:

All drivers form up in a line, following the leader and complete the first lap hitting the rev limiter of 2nd gear (Auto users will adjust accordingly). The race starts when the leader crosses the start/finish line and calls out a 'Green Flag'.

Pit Stop:

On Ovals drivers must use the inside shoulder for half a lap before they enter the pits. This is to stop any cutting across the track after the last corner. Upon rejoining the race, drivers must stay on the inside shoulder until they are up to racing speed and can safely join the racing line.

Yellow Flag:

The Nascar Sprint Cup will employ a Yellow Flag procedure. On any incident involving 3 or more cars "Yellow Flag" must me shouted by those who have crashed. The Lobby Host will inform the leader to slow down to the top of 2nd gear. The pack will form up behind him, much like the rolling start. Any lapped cars can at this stage unlap themselves. Once the last driver has rejoined the back of the pack, they will then inform the Lobby Host, who will then call out a "Green Flag" at the start of the next straight. The Pit lane is closed during Yellow Flag conditions.

Infineon Special Rules:

The Road Race will function much like a 'normal race'. With a standing start and no yellow flags.

Bump Drafting:

Bump Drafting is allowed and encouraged.

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