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IFCA Transfers Ownership of Ratings System to New Group

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IFCA Transfers Ownership of Ratings System to New Group

Post by AAR ABEnstein on Thu Oct 03, 2013 1:33 pm

Our first major news story is that the way you and the ratings system will interact will change drastically.

Over the course of the past few months, AAR GTDon, the original owner of the Ratings System, has been working with an independent group to fine tune the operations of the system and how outer organizations use it. Today, we are proud to announce our use of the system now run by Forza League Racers.

Forza League Racers is a brand-new startup that has absolutely no affiliation with any current league or club to prevent bias. Their main operation is listed on their website: "We offer a way to quantify and compare relative driving skills regardless of racing format or class of cars. In the end those with the required number of rated races and driver ratings points will then be invited to the world championships at the end of the year for cash prizes."

To those who race at the IFCA, this sounds very familiar. But what changes? The main point is that we no longer operate this system, and we hope more leagues will be interested in getting involved because it doesn't have a competing league's name attached to it. Another main point is that we no longer require our affiliated leagues to post here. They now will send an email to the address listed on the website. Lastly, instead of being the center of this ratings system, we are now just one of many leagues who will send their results in.

Link: http://www.forzaleagueracers.com/

As with all topics, feel free to post your thoughts below.
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