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World Rankings

Post by GTDon2 on Tue Oct 08, 2013 10:32 am

Hello men of the IFCA. Just a little news for you guys. The IFCA has handed over the duties of publishing the world rankings list to a new independent group called, "Forza League Racers" (FLR) at http://www.ForzaLeagueRacers.com

If you have any recent races to be rated either from IFCA or other places you race, simply send them a pic of the final results from the race to ForzaLeagueRacers@yahoo.com and they will do the rest. Just tell them what the race was and the date it ran.

recently rated http://www.forzaleagueracers.com/ratings-results.html

world rankings list http://www.forzaleagueracers.com/new-custom.html


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