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Virtual Motorsports presents Touring Car Series1

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Virtual Motorsports presents Touring Car Series1

Post by TG bobwithajob on Thu Nov 07, 2013 8:56 am

A brand new Series comes to life at Virtual Motorsports, under the title of VM Touring Car Series 1. This new racing series will bring a new format and roster of cars to the track as we reach ever closer to the Virtual Motorsports 2013 Championship coming in December. The Touring Car Series 1 features 19 cars, of which all but one are equipped with V8 engines and are highly tunable each with specific set builds. The Touring Car Series 1 has been built with the real-life Italian International Superstars Series in mind and the format will include two races of equal length each week and the racing will last for seven weeks in total.

Racing on Sundays at 14:00 CST / 20:00 GMT / 06:00 AEST, the series will feature circuits that mix speed, acceleration and handling to ensure every car will be able to exploit the aspects of their performance, wether it be better suited to handling, top speed or acceleration. Starting in the USA at the Indianapolis Grand Prix, the Touring Car will complete the American leg before moving overseas, with Round 2 and 3 taking place at Sebring International Raceway and Road Atlanta, respectively, followed by 3 European Rounds starting at the Nürburgring Grand Prix before unleashing all at Le Mans Circuit de La Sarthe before finishing the European tour at Italy with a Round at Mugello Club. The Series' final Round will take place at Twin Ring Motegi, Japan where the East Course complete's this Series' first outing and first world tour.

Series 1 will feature 3 championships to contest, with all drivers being entered into at least 2. All drivers will participate in the Drivers Championship but away from this, they will also do battle in either the Teams or Privateers Championship, depending on their entry situation. It may be also noted that teams whilst having to race the same livery, do not need to race the same car model.

Working alongside Turn 10, the series is officially sponsored and will feature DLC, in-game credits and gift cars to be won by the drivers. Those skilled, or lucky enough to finish in the top 10 of the Drivers Championship will earn themselves a share of the credits available, with the overall winner of the Championship also a unicorn car of their choice or a DLC pack too. Not only that, the top 5 in the Teams and Privateers Championships will receive a share of the credits, with the winners in each receiving a choice of either a unicorn car or a DLC pack. In addition, for all drivers that complete the series with 100% attendance (attending 6 out of 7 races), a random draw will take place to determine who receives either a unicorn car or a DLC pack.

Series 1 of Touring Car event will begin on the 20th October with the series finale on the 1st December. 7 rounds of racing against a wide variety of V8 cars will leave the final result a complete guessing game.

If you want to get involved or learn more, follow this link to the Virtual Motorsports Touring Car Series 1 section!
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