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Nein Shiza (NSARL)

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Nein Shiza (NSARL)

Post by Maxximilllion on Fri Nov 22, 2013 12:07 pm

<a href="http://neinshiza.the-talk.net"><img src="http://i56.servimg.com/u/f56/18/08/24/65/1nsafo13.jpg"></a>
With only a couple races left on the schedule for season two of the original, true to life, world renowned Superstars International Racing Series, sponsored by Nein Shiza, the NSARL is amped up to start two more action packed attention getters, the second addition of the Dutch Supercar Challenge and the Pirelli World Challenge TC-B Spec series.  Don't worry, Superstars III will return on FM4 after the holidays, with more thrills and chills as you would expect from a NSA sponsored event.

<a href="http://neinshiza.the-talk.net/f9-dutch-supercar-challenge"><img src="http://i56.servimg.com/u/f56/18/08/24/65/1dsc210.jpg" alt="" Based on the real series, the second season of Dutch Supercars will add multiclass racing with the addition of the GT class to the SGT field.  
DSC Car Specs

Over 65 cars to choose from, there is something for everyone, so competition will be very tight on these five super circuits. With only one point separating the top two drivers in season one, and a 10 point difference within the top 4, this series has show how closely matched the speed machines are in combat. Add a second class on the circuit, at the same time, now that is a mixture of door handle to door handle, splitter to a$$, pure excitement! Your Mondays won't be so boring anymore!
DSC Info

Don't miss out on this extremely competitive series, only @ the NSA Forums

<a href="http://neinshiza.the-talk.net/f4-pirelli-world-challenge-tcb-series"><img src="http://i56.servimg.com/u/f56/18/08/24/65/tcbban11.jpg"></a>
Coming Wednesdays in December, the first season of TCB is promising to be spectacular! These cars are as close to SCCA specs as can be accomplished in FM4, meeting requirements needed to run in the PWC TCB class.
TCB Car Specs

This series is a "jump in and go" setup were it's down to driver skill, not only familiarity with the tracks, but also the ability to navigate traffic, and there will be traffic. Seven finely tuned, front wheel drive machines to pick from, screaming around forgotten tracks, three and four wide, this will shape up to be one hellashish five week event. But hurry, space is limited and the drivers sheet is filling up.
TCB Info

Check it out at the NSA Forums

NSzA has some of the best racing series innovators and series directors in the business.  From paper to build, on track and tuning, all projects go through extensive testing with live racing format exhibitions, before it is announced as an official series. The quality of racing will show when you join in on a NSARL event and series, lobby space is limited and the competition is intense.
We hope to see some new faces on the track!
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Re: Nein Shiza (NSARL)

Post by Guest on Fri Nov 22, 2013 7:09 pm

All great series and nice sportsmanship!



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