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Post by GTDon2 on Tue Sep 29, 2015 4:15 pm

[size=12]Masters makes a return for the 2nd season, but the first in Forza 6! Season 1 team champions Tech Life Racing will be defending their title for the Americas championship, while Last Exit Racing will be taking up the fight for the European side. Can anyone take the titles from them?

If you are not familiar with the Masters Series, its split into two separately scored championships. Americas runs on Tuesday nights at 8pm EST starting October 6th. Europa runs on Wednesday nights at 8pm BST. For the 2nd season, †Masters series will use the BAC Mono (A699) with stock upgrade but is still highly tunable.†Itís a very special kind of single-seater road car: a no-roof, no-windscreen, trackday special from Cheshire-based Briggs Automotive Company. Itís as practical as a pair of lead water wings, but itís one of the most entertaining cars ever built.†The Mono is a phenomenally quick machine: thanks to a kerbweight of just 540kg and a 2.3-litre Cosworth engine developing 280bhp, itíll dispatch the 0Ė62mph sprint in under three seconds and keep running all the way to 170mph.†But more than the outright acceleration, itís the monumental, massless way the Mono changes direction that really sets it apart. Lying on your back with the engine behind your head and the six-speed sequential transmission firing through gear changes like a rifle, it becomes an act of instinct to thread the Mono through corners Ė albeit one requiring a recalibration of your brain to deal with its physics-warping ability.

Entries can be one of the 3 following types:

  • Privateers - single driver earning points for a driver championship and privateer championship
  • Traditional Team - two man team competing both for the driver championship and the team championship
  • 3 man Team - three drivers competing both for the driver championship and the team championship, but only the top 2 drivers from each round score points for the team

Drivers from the same entry will need to design and run a livery that is largely uniform for the entry. While there are no mandatory number boxes, there are designated places for each driver's TURN number, and we are encouraging drivers to download and apply the TURN stylized 'N' logo to the front of the car as shown below.

Sim damage will be on this season, and with fuel use a relevant concern in Forza 6, pit stops are no longer mandatory, they are necessary to complete the 45-60 minute races. Driving aids will not be forced off, nor will the driving line, but we would encourage participants to try this car at least without TCS / ABS / STM, as the aids are much more invasive in Forza Motorsport 6 and will quickly choke out some of the power the Mono has on tap. With only 280 horsepower, this is probably the perfect time to learn to drive without these aids, if you're use to driving with them on. Qualifying for grid position brings in the skills of being able to set that fast lap over just 5 laps.


Round 1 - Sonoma Raceway Full Circuit†

(US) Tuesday October 6th at 8:00pm EST
(EU) Wednesday October 7th at 8:00pm BST

Round 2 - Hockenheimring National Circuit

(US) Tuesday October 13th at 8:00pm EST
(EU) Wednesday October 14th at 8:00pm BST

Round 3 - Watkins Glen Short Circuit†

(US) Tuesday October 20th at 8:00pm EST
(EU) Wednesday October 21st at 8:00pm BST

Round 4 - Le Mans Bugatti Circuit (NIGHT)

(US) Tuesday October 27th at 8:00pm EST
(EU) Wednesday October 28th at 8:00pm GMT

Round 5 - Lime Rock Park Full Circuit Alt

(US) Tuesday November 3rd at 8:00pm EDT
(EU) Wednesday November 4th at 8:00pm GMT

Round 6 - Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit (WET)

(US) Tuesday November 10th at 8:00pm EDT
(EU) Wednesday Novmeber 11th at 8:00pm GMT


There are plenty more specific details that you can find over on our forums:†http://forums.theultimateracingnetwork.com/viewforum.php?f=20

The series starts up right around the corner, and while we apologize for the short notice, we are incredibly eager to get to racing in Forza Motorsport 6. Head on over to our site and sign up for this exciting series! Its ok if you have to miss a round too. Don't assume this means you're out of the running, as many drivers may miss a single race, or have an unfortunate DNF.

As always its you, the community, that make our series so fun and competitive. We are happy to bring this series to you all, and we would hope that you could talk to your racing friends and form up some teams. We'll be waiting for you.

Your very thankful and appreciative,
† † †TURN Staff


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