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New #1 and News Update!

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New #1 and News Update!

Post by GTDon2 on Wed Oct 28, 2015 6:44 am

Greetings IFCA Members and Supporters of simulation racing!

Just want to update everyone on the activities and goings on here at the IFCA real quick.  Please check out all of our Official series and events, and sign-up for them if you can.

Nelly D Racer’s Mini Cooper Cup has been great fun and a total success.  He promises to repeat this feat with the new Classic Clio Cup that will replace the Mini Cooper Cup on Sunday evenings 7:00pm EST.

Congrats to ALL MAX RPM for winning his first hot hatch cup of many to come!  MAX has really found his racing line with FM6 and is faster than he has ever been, having clinched the Cooper Cup with 1 race to spare! He also leads in the Trans Am series, and has to be considered a real threat to anyone in the IFCA.  Max has climbed as high as #2 on the IFCA World Rankings list, but as luck would have it never quite to the #1 spot.  Only a matter of time and timing before it happens.

Speaking of #1, we have seen the top spot change several hands since FM6 was released.  Our long time champion, and the driver to hold onto the #1 position longer than anyone ever ranked #1 by the IFCA, SP33D RAC3R 28x, has lost his position as he has yet to compete in any Official FM6 races.  But there are hopeful rumors of the king’s return.  Fantastic drivers such as EMW Fujiwara, GSR Roadrunner, and NosehairW have all had a short stay as #1.  But yet again we have a new #1, Jack Coffey.  Jack has set the bar very high, earning the highest rating in FM6, and 3rd highest all time going back to FM3 with a 2663.607!  And he shows no signs of wanting to rest on his laurels at this point either.

Upcoming series and events!

IFCA CanAm is a 5 race series starting Saturday’s November 7th, 3:00pm EST. This rare no-mic series is your chance to go back in the day and sample some of the most extreme cars ever raced! Build them any way you like, up to a R900.  Pick the fastest of the four and suffer a 1 point handicap.  Pick the slowest of the four and earn full points each round.  This is a unique points system designed to equalize cars that are unequal, and create strategic opportunities to win via points rather than performance.

The Cars R900:
1.1969 #4 McLaren M8B  (-1.0 points)
2.1969 #21 Nissan R382 (-0.50 points)
3.1966 #66 Chaparrel 2E (-0.25 points)
4.1969 #10 Lola T163  (full points applied)
Sign-up here!

IFCA IROC is a traveling 2 race event that will be coming to a time and place near you!  For the first time ever, this event will have a floating schedule designed to enable all time zones to be exposed to it so that our friends in far off places like Australia, South Africa, Germany, the UK, and even our own Pacific Coast can compete and become an IFCA IROC Champion.  Each venue will use a different IROC type spec car, the first car being a 1970 Camaro Z/28.  All IROC cars will be full tire, stock horsepower, 
no aero cars.

Future Dates and Times:
Sunday Nov 8th 7:00pm EST  (Daytona 24/Daytona Speedway)
Saturday Nov 21st 6:00am EST (Indianapolis GP/Indy Speedway)
Friday  Dec 11th 4:00am EST  (Long Beach Full/Daytona Speedway)

Sign-up here!

Check out our Classic Clio Cup on Sunday evenings at 7:00pm Starting November 11th at Lime Rock! The 1993 Renault Clio Williams will be the featured Cup car this time, and promises to be extremely close racing.  Sign-up here!

Our multi-class Trans Am series featuring adjusted P.I. cars, and teams, will remain our Monday night series at 7:00pm EST just prior to our sister league at Simracers and their Season 42 WTCC series, so check them out too.  Half way through the first season of 7 races, ALL MAX  RPM is leading the points, again!  Can anyone stop him?

And if that isn’t enough for you, we are in the planning stages of building a classic GT sports car series featuring all the famous sports cars from the 1960’s and 70’s!  Stay tuned!

We haven’t forgotten about Project CARS either.  We will be offering at least 1 event for PCARS starting in December so watch for that!
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