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New Car pack is horrible and turn 10 are tasteless rubes

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New Car pack is horrible and turn 10 are tasteless rubes

Post by ridin sideways on Thu Jan 28, 2016 4:14 pm

Wow I wish the employee's here could learn a little history, car culture etc.. Need to educate these morons.

The 'Alpinestars Car Pack' features the 2015 Ford #02 Chip Ganassi Racing Riley Mk XXVI Daytona Prototype (which won last year’s 24 Hours of Daytona), and also includes the 1990 Mercury #15 Whistler Radar Cougar XR-7, the 1967 Sunbeam Tiger, the 1992 Alfa Romeo Milano Quadrifoglio Verde, the 1974 Toyota Corolla SR5, the 1996 Subaru SVX, and the ill-fated 2005 Pontiac Aztek (regularly cited as one of the ugliest cars ever made but enjoying a newfound cult status thanks to its role on Breaking Bad as Walter White’s unassuming personal chariot).

- Daytona Prototype- Players asked for one long before forza 5, Now Turn 10 is finally getting it YAY! Oh wait the car is running it's last race in 2 days and is effectively RETIRED. Also these cars are going by the way side after this year, oh yeah and there is nothing for them to race against! Meh this is like getting a pb and j after you have already expired from starvation. Why did they choose this over other race cars? Money money money mooooneyyyy

- Whistler Mercury, seen this car before. It's cool but from a really ugly and technologically non advanced era. I see where people have guessed well this must be a really iconic race car for US, no not really racing was at a low point. IN ACTUALITY it's like a free license deal via partnership with IMSA and instead of putting in the work to do a car we actually want they take the cheap money making route and pick this. No thanks sir only a superb idiot would think this car should come ahead of so many others. WHO THE HELL WANTS THIS CAR, and who exactly picked it?

- Sunbeam Tiger, I'm happy to have this car but in reality it wasn't raced that much, it was a pile of duece. I love variety but there are so many more cars that should be there first, better cars, nicer looking, more history, more historically significant production etc. I can see this being a car pack car but probably should have been included in the game already, also this manufacture makes no other desirable cars at all, they are real turd doodoo so I'll be happy to get more of them down the road as part of whatever doodoo licensing deal turn 10 worked, yay! Most people don't even know this car exists, and those that do and have experience with them know they are turds! WHO WANTS THIS CAR? WHO THE HELL PICKED IT?

- 1992 Alfa Romeo Milano Quadrifoglio I would truly like to fight the person who chose this. I call for turn 10 to fire this limey twat piece of doodoo immediately. I'm sorry you dont know doodoo about Alfa Romeo's, I'm sorry you have horrible horrible taste, I'm sorry you know zero about mechanical engineering or the value of a car that is actually worth a doodoo. I'm sorry you have no car culture or history, I hope this person reads this and picks up a book! Anyway back door who knows about Alfa Romeo knows we are missing about 3 amazing models from late 50's-60's, the cars Alfa Romeo made their reputation as beautiful Italian cars, Giulietta, Sprint Speciale, Giulietta spyder. Instead we get these horrid piece of unreliable doodoo from a horrible era of cars and Alfa Romeo's. Only douchey little fanboi twats like this era of Alfa's and it's because they don't know any better. I want knock some heads at Turn 10 for this. I know every guy on my friends list wants this 92 alfa doodoo, again WHO THE HELL PICKED THIS? AND WHO THE HELL WANTS IT?

1974 Corolla sr5- There are other Toyota's I'd much rather have and more importantly a lot of other cars I'd rather have before any Toyota! Lazy choice of a car that should have been in the game from the start. Yawn.

1996 Subaru SVX- This car is a real turdbox piece of doodoo. Don't believe me? Ask a Subaru mechanic. I currently own a Subaru and have had a number of them. The SVX was overly complicated, overly heavy and pretty much a concept idea that turned into a steaming pile. Thats why ya don't see em around, and why the after market industry never caught on with them. Why would I want to drive this instead of a s203, s204, s206, forester sti?, blah blah blah THIS IS A SMALL PERCENTAGE CAR, don't be fooled by the idea turn 10 is trying to appeal to the masses who buy the game, they aren't. Sucks they have no taste huh? Again who the lala wants this and who the lala decided on it?

2005 Pontiac Aztek- I like cars including Pontiac, I really like breaking bad. This pisses me off to no end? So who is the target market? Thats what I want to know? What moronic sad idiot is making these choices? Who the hell would want the Aztek and more importantly I want to know what back door at turn 10 chose it?

So the Conclusion folks? These cars are indeed not targeted at people who play the game, they seem to be decided on by turn 10 by whatever little group of (no offense to some of you guys) limey twatters keep shoveling pile of doodoo hatchbacks that noone wants on us. It's been going on since Forza 5 and I truly believe this group or person has zero taste or actual knowledge of car history.

Other than that car packs seem to be targeted at people who do not play the game and don't like cars in some stupid weird attempt to draw in new buyers instead of pleasing current customers, hence why such a high percentage of regular players don't purchase the dlc in this game.

Over and out.
ridin sideways
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Re: New Car pack is horrible and turn 10 are tasteless rubes

Post by Ax4x Nelly on Sun Jan 31, 2016 5:11 pm

Basically Turn 10 have got this rubbish business plan that makes them rich and makes us miserable.

Everytime they release a game they hold back 40 or so cars that don't really fit into the career mode, they then get a motoring magazine or some big name organisation to pick 6 of them cars and they get the credit for picking that set of cars.

This goes on for 6 months until the season pass has run out, in the meantime you have a small team working on one or two really cool Expansion Packs which adds a new track and a handful of amazing cars and will probably cost $20.

In the case of Forza 6 we've already seen the leaked details about the Porsche pack and even though it looks like an impressive pack It's gonna be another stupid cash grab and once again we're all gonna fall for it.

Unfortunately this business model is pretty much here to stay because we keep buying into it.

As much as I love Forza, the series isn't heading in the right direction and Turn 10 aren't marketing the game at the right audience anymore Sad
Ax4x Nelly
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