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Turn 10 update, Ganassi Riley fixed.

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Turn 10 update, Ganassi Riley fixed.

Post by ridin sideways on Thu Feb 11, 2016 5:39 pm

So they fixed the Dive planes on the Riley so it now add's downforce, But of COURSE I got a rant prepared for you guys.

I find it disheartening that turn 10 refuses to listen to customer, yet NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON AT TURN 10 bothers to check that the dive planes function. It would have taken one person trying one time to confirm the downforce is added, a bug that occurs 100% of the time yet turn 10 still manages to lala it up? It just goes along with their normal arrogance.

If I was the project manager I'd fire whoever was responsible immediately because these type of bugs are caused by one thing, laziness and lack of development process. If you can't do the most simple thing in the world and check your work one time then you should go lala yourself.

Now I will do a 180 and give them props for fixing it so quickly, and actually updating the game instead of refusing to acknowledge reality. That being said If they didn't fix it right away that would just be more egg on their faces and force players to question their commitment.
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