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The big issue of the day

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The big issue of the day

Post by GTDon2 on Wed Mar 23, 2016 5:09 pm

Welcome back IFCA members and supporters!

This is the latest news and information impacting the IFCA.

Trans Am qualifying is open and you will essentially have 4 chances to make your best run before Monday April 4th.† The first race is at Catalunya National.††

Some changes for Season †4 are† a bonus point just for pre-qualifying, 3 pit stops, 26laps, and no P.I. reduction for repeat winners.† Things remaining, double points for the last race, and Ace in the Hole bonus point.

GT Sports Car Cup testing is going well and nearly complete. We will be announcing the new A-Class car list very soon.

The big issue of the day in the community of console simulation racing is a decline in participation and smaller grids, and what the IFCA plans on doing about it.††

As most of you know, the IFCA was one of the first if not THE first organized Forza league to exist.† Weíve seen the highs and the current lows over the last 10 years, and have come to the conclusion that a new approach is necessary to change with the times and move forward.

Itís difficult to say with certainty exactly what the reasons are for declining participation, usually itís a combination of things.† Some say itís FM6, and that it just doesnít deliver as a simulation racer, still lacking many of the basic elements of racing as well as the special needs for simulation racing like a flag system, tuning in lobbies, clean racing enforcement, pace car, driver swaps, sanctioned in-game league racing, club support etc.† Others blame the competition dragging people away like T10 itself with its unregulated public leagues, iRacing, GT6, PCARS, and others.† Some suggest that the community is too fragmented with too many little leagues and races to pick from and no standardization or unification.

Our belief is that all of these things together conspire to thin out the grids at a time when the largest grids (24) are available. It is an unfortunate irony. †

We believe that there is a glut of races offered by too many small leagues or clubs.† So rather than continue to offer a wide variety of different formats of racing, the IFCA is going to draw down some and limit what it offers going into the future.

Too much time and effort goes into series organizing for so few people to show up in the end.† In the future, we will switch to a more participation-based format as to whether or not a series opens for business.† This means that any future event or series will have pre-qualified based minimums.† For a series to be Official we will require 13 qualifiers before opening race day.† The assumption is that if you take the time and effort to qualify you will probably race the event too.† In this way we can in a sense vote with our qualifying.† Not enough qualifiers, then the event is cancelled before it starts.† So if you really want to race a certain series, better help recruit some friends to qualify.† The only way we can pump up the grids is if everyone becomes a promoter and not just the Race Directors.

As a result of this new direction IFCA Spec racing on Sundays will be retired after this season.† GT Sports Cars† and Trans Am will need to get †13 pre-qualifiers each for the green flag to drop.††† IFCA IROC will continue on an infrequent basis as it is not a series and will not have a minimum pre-qualifying requirement.† IFCA Endurance will need at least 12 pre-qualifiers because it is a team event.

We hope that by becoming more stringent and more exclusive we will have larger grids and better racing for everyone.† We wonít have as many series or events in the future, but hopefully we will have much fuller grids in the end.

Thank you for your continued support over the years, we really appreciate it.† Hopefully we can now change with the times, and begin to get serious about our series.

Thank you,

IFCA Staff


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