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Post by GTDon2 on Tue Jun 28, 2016 12:37 pm


This is it!  THE very last FWC, FWC13!  As many of you Forza IFCA veterans know, the FWC stands for “Forza World Championship” and was the first of its kind going all the way back to Forza 1.  It was an open championship event designed to gather the fastest Forza drivers together in one event, and crown a Forza World Champion. 

Typically, we would use various elimination formats, cars, and tracks, each round until we had a final group of the fastest drivers.  At one point in FM2 we had over 250 drivers compete!  Eventually we retired the FWC in late FM3 due to the winds of change within the game and driver interest.

However, our FWCs brought out the best, and most intense competition to date with seriously fast champions like, SP33D RAC3R 28x, llxcamxll, eries, Chilledheat, JED, 3wide, Diablo, Stronger Ginge, Gonein60, just to name a few.  The events were always exciting and full of drama and hype as the eliminations ran their course and we arrived at the last 2 finalists.  Speculation was always wild and fun as to who would eventually become the FWC champion.

With T10’s recent announcement that a new era is about to begin with an official Forza Championship sometime this summer, we felt like we owed our own members one last crack at an FWC crown for old times sake.
The format is simple.  On Sunday August 7th 6:00pm CST, FWC13 begins. Elimination Rounds 1-3 will take place at this time.  The final Championship round will be held a week later between the 2 top drivers.

Only the top half of rounds  1 and 2 will advance to the semi-final round 3, and only the #1 and #2 drivers will meet in the final a week later.

3 rounds in forced stock tune cars will be conducted on August 7th starting at 6:00pm CST.
Round 1 30laps, 2000 Ford SVT Cobra R B501/Daytona 24hr Night
Round 2 Quarter Finals 25laps, 2013 KTM X-Bow R A695/LeMans Bugatti
Round 3 Semi Finals 25laps, 2013 Formula Ford Ecoboost 200 S772/Yas Marina North Alt Night

On Sunday August 14th 6:00pm CST will be the final championship FWC13.
Round 4 FWC13 Championship  18laps, 2016 #66 Ford Racing GT LeMans R859/Sebring Full

Format details here  Sign-ups here

Tell your friends, do a little practice, and sign-up for the last FWC!  One last chance to add your name to the FWC trophy and become one of the legendary hall of fame FWC Champions!
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