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FWC13 Final!

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FWC13 Final!

Post by GTDon2 on Mon Aug 08, 2016 11:28 am

FWC13 Final will be between two top notch drivers:

15th GSR RoadRunner 2785.011 vs 9th CoD3Pro Brizzho 2796.526 Sunday 8/14/16 6:00pm CST.  

Early odds makers are saying RoadRunner is the favorite to win.  Both drivers don't have enough officially rated races for the ratings to be fully accurate yet. Takes about 10 rated races to get an accurate ranking.  

Should Brizzo win, his ranking will jump up 2 places into the top ten Ultra section of the IFCA list at 2805.453 and 7th place. In turn, RoadRunner would stay where he is.  But if RoadRunner wins, he will jump to 2826.011 and 3rd place, and Brizzo will fall to 12th at 2793.359.

They have a whole week to practice Sebring in Ford GT race cars. Both drivers are seriously fast and have many wins, titles, and accolades to their Forza credit.  The slightest error is likely to give one or the other the win, and, the coveted FWC crown.  Should be intense.


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