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ESL ForzaRC Final is set!

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ESL ForzaRC Final is set!

Post by GTDon2 on Mon Nov 28, 2016 1:57 am

As everyone has probably heard by now the Final grid for the fastest 16 Forza drivers in the world has been set! The ESL Forza Racing Championship is poised to discover which driver is deserving of the Championship crown, and title of fastest Forza driver in the world on Dec 11th.  We hope to get some opinions and interviews with the drivers who are in the final or may have competed.  Until then, below is the IFCA computer prediction of the finishing order based on each finalist's rating.

 IFCA Computer Race Prediction 
1TX3 Laige2931.89
2CAR Lightening2856.206
3CAR b0x2855.563
4F4H Nova=Unframe2850.364
5CAR Harmonic2841.691
6BAM ASIX132832.516
7CAR Raceboy772730.044
8XRS Kaiser Wolf2728.869
9CAR Daveyskills2723.303
10ATTAX Johnson2720.052
11DTM Lionel E462717.516
12JSR Rayzer JDM2716.894
13CAR Chemical2713.593
14TPR Zermatt2686.352


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