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Post by AAR GTDon on Mon Jul 03, 2017 2:15 pm

Depending on how things go with Forza 7, the IFCA will likely act as a portal for the FORZA UNDERGROUND that people have been talking about.  

What is the FU?  As we understand it, it is a secret Forza society for hardcore drivers.  

Only those who have a proven track record of years of devotion to Forza can gain access to the FORZA UNDERGROUND. It is not a fanboy site.  It is not for everyone.  It is a place of free speech and knowledge sharing about all things Forza and T10.

There are several other sites and social media outlets who call themselves the "Forza Underground," but those are fanboy sites and unrelated to the real FORZA UNDERGROUND.  The real FORZA UNDERGROUND goes beyond gamer tags, clubs, and leagues, or T10. It is the exclusive meeting place for the Forza aficionado, expert, elitist, alien, legend, champion, and, general who's who of Forza. A kind of Forza Illuminati if you will. 

From what we have been told, it is THE place to go to if you need a seriously fast tune, or want to know the secrets of a particular turn or track or the best way to build a car. It is a place where you will hear before anyone else what changes will take place in the future of the franchise.  Several of the members we're told are either current or former T10 insiders. 

If your credentials are up to par and you get an invitation to become a member of the FORZA UNDERGROUND, put in a good word for yours truly, I want in!


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