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2017 Subway FWC Invitational Final Race Results

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2017 Subway FWC Invitational Final Race Results

Post by GTDon2 on Sun Jul 30, 2017 11:47 pm

It was a grueling race with many surprises even before the race started.  ROSCOEpCOTRAIN missed qualifying and the race, and Harmonic could not make the start.  SP33D RAC3R a multi-FWC champion and eventually winner traded the lead in his 911 with Jack Coffey in his Viper the entire race until Jack lagged out on about lap 43. 

All the racing was fairly clean and close, with cars circulating at all points of the track, it was a fun mix.  Yours truly was lagged spiked following SP33D which basically ended my challenge for 2nd place relegating my effort to 7th place.  echovelocity in a 458 would fight for 2nd over sameole24 in his Viper for 3rd.  Honorable mention as the highest finishing lowest rated driver went to HNT Awesome in his Viper.

Clearly the Viper SRT with the lowest P.I. of the 4 cars was the fastest overall in the end.  But, It would be the Porsche and Ferrari finishing ahead of every Viper entry nevertheless.  Had the faster Viper drivers not experienced lag outs and lag spikes, things could have been very different. Be that as it may, congrats to our new 2017 IFCA FWC Subway Invitational Champion SP33D RAC3R 28x (again) as well as 2nd place echovelocity, 3rd place sameole24, and the honorable mention goes to HNT Awesome who finished a respectable 6th.  

Well done to everyone who ran this incredibly long and difficult race for the truly coveted and now famous IFCA FWC 2017 crown.  We hope to bring you yet another exciting format next year in 2018 with FM7.  Until then practice hard and race clean!

 Race Results      
1SP33D RAC3R 28x  2582.1101125822582.1100
4Crazy Ace912419.4162422032300.635-119
5SimR Sclippy962069.1746521322088.39719
6HNT Awesome1987.4169620822016.40429
7AAR GTDon  2094.8805720692080.408-14
8SimR Boo38531877.7510820281923.84346
9Jack Coffey2237.9553919882126.057-112
10Ridin Sideways1988.41381019331957.707-31
As an added bonus for those who did qualify you are now invited to the Forza Underground, an exclusive members only site for veteran league racers.  Simply go to: 

Anyone who sees this secret URL can attempt to sign in but if you are not a true veteran driver you will probably be ignored. They don't allow guest access either.

Winners, please send your home address to gtdon@msn.com to receive your Subway certificates in the mail. Thank you.

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Re: 2017 Subway FWC Invitational Final Race Results

Post by HNT Awesome on Mon Jul 31, 2017 2:08 pm

A big congrats to the podium finishers, and to Speed for his win.


A bigger Thanks to Don for the amazing amount of effort put into all of this...  

Great post race write up too!

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