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Places to race to get a rating

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Places to race to get a rating

Post by GTDon2 on Mon Nov 20, 2017 10:45 am

Through the course of the year, we will announce various venues that will be used for rating drivers here.  The first of one such event is every 4th Saturday night in the ever evolving series soon to be known as the "Saturday Night Fights" event at 10pm CST. 

Originating over at SimR by yours truly, the event takes 2 cars and 1 track for 4 Saturdays.  The cars change but the track stays the same for the 4 weeks.  All drivers drive both cars back to back at the same track, with the lowest combined time declared the champion. He gets to add his name to the champions list.  Only on the 4th Saturday do we officially rate the races. By this time everyone has a much better handle on the how to approach the track and race their competitors.  This coming Saturday happens to be the 4th Saturday at Le Mans and its Porsche 911 vs Corvette time.  The idea is to create closely matched cars that are also real world rivals.  Because you have to drive both cars for a combined time, the cars do not need to be exactly equal.  But, while some may drive the Corvette in the first race others may pick the Porsche, and then vice versa the second race depending on their strategy. 

We will be rating series events at TORA and SimR in the near future, as well as any special T10 events.  So check in to see what's happening.


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