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2018 IFCA Runoff's March 9th-11th!!!

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2018 IFCA Runoff's March 9th-11th!!!

Post by GTDon2 on Sat Jan 13, 2018 5:25 pm

Greetings Members and Friends!

In case you haven't yet heard, the IFCA is organizing a one-time event inspired by the prestigious SCCA Runoff's.  The SCCA invites the best drivers from their 28 classes to compete at one track once a year.  The IFCA is doing much the same but with only 21 classes.  The event will be over the course of a weekend March 9th-11th.  

You will have 100 specific build cars to choose from within the 21 classes. Your single restriction is, you may only race 3 times per day.

If you are too lazy to build and tune your car, every car build is shared and comes with a tested tune via GTDon2 or searching "IFCA"  

Each race is a two class race with a 24 car limit, or 12 drivers for each class.  The first 6 to signup in any class basically get in for free.  The remaining 6 slots must be qualified for.  So if you don't want to qualify be sure to mark Friday, Jan 26th on your calendar because this is when signups will be officially open.

You'll get 5 laps to qualify if you miss signups, but you have to be at least as fast as the posted minimum qualifying time.  This is a time that is 2% slower than the posted competitive time for each class. GTDon2 will be available for qualy.

Below are the names and start times of each class:

To see the car build sheets go here: http://ifca.highforum.net/t6507-2018-ifca-runoffs-build-sheets

To see just the car list and start times go here: 

To read details of the event go here:

6:00pm EST Friday March 9th
S-Production Touring
R-Class Grand Touring

8:00pm EST Friday March 9th
R-Class Grand Prix
P-Class Classic GP

10:00pm EST Friday March 9th
P-Class Endurance
P-Class Spec FLM

3:00pm EST Saturday March 10th
A-Production AWD Lights
S-Production AWD Pro

5:00pm EST Saturday March 10th
B-Production Real Muscle
A-Production Sports Car Legends

7:00pm EST Saturday March 10th
S-Production Caterhams & Donkervorts

9:00pm EST Saturday March 10th
S-Class Spec Formula Ford
S-Class Formula Continental

2:00pm EST Sunday March 11th
E-Production Classic Sub-Compact
D-Production Old Hatch

4:00pm EST Sunday March 11th
C-Production GT Lights
B-Production Street Tuner

6:00pm EST Sunday March 11th
A-Production 90s GT
A-Production GTW

8:00pm EST Sunday March 11th
B-Production Spec MX-5 Cup car
A-Production Grand Touring III

Race format:

Each race must start within 15min of the actual start time without exception. 

Track set to Indianapolis GP, standing start, lobby grid set to P.I., 2 pit stops, 26laps, default collisions, tire damage, no end timer, no cautions, 1 restart if there is lag or multi-car contact/collisions on the first lap. 

There is no qualifying right before the race.  Pre-qualifying is just to secure a grid spot and not a grid position because the grid will be semi-random based on P.I. because two classes will be racing at the same time.

All we need for results are the podium finishers.

Drivers are limited to 3 races per day.

Where to go to sign up on Friday Jan 26th?  

Good luck!


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