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IFCA Super Spec Saturday's!

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IFCA Super Spec Saturday's!

Post by GTDon2 on Sat May 12, 2018 3:39 am

Welcome to our ever-evolving Saturday night doubleheader feature formerly known by such titles as the IFCA LeMons.  With the new format, a new name needs to be had, that being the "IFCA Super Spec Series."

The basic format will be carried over from the LeMon's which is a Saturday night (7pm EST start) single qualy, 2 race feature, lowest combined total time wins the weekly championship.  Race length will be slightly longer at 15laps and 1 pit. What has changed is the car selection.  

Over time we have seen an uptick in the level of seriousness that this event has taken upon itself, and rather than starve the competitive juices into total frustration we have decided to up the ante a bit and take a more serious standardized approach, not unlike more conventional league races.

Because everyone clamors for better BoP and really enjoys a good spec series this is the direction we will go for now.  All drivers will be in the same spec car except for tire compound.  

Our aim in doing this is to bring the field closer together for closer racing, and give the slower guys a real taste at competing on more equal terms with the faster guys.  Too often it is the case that a slower guy ends up in a slower car even when the cars are the same build.  This can get depressing after awhile and suck the fun right out of you.  By giving slower drivers a slight tire advantage resulting in about a 20 P.I. increase they can feel confident that it is not their car holding them back. At the same time the faster guys carry no shame even if they lose.  Being on lesser tires means they will be able to showcase just how good a driver they really are.  Chances are they will still win, but not by as much as usual.  The pressure will be on them, both.

Each car will have minimal Spec upgrades selected to address some certain weakness with that specific car, making them more enjoyable to drive.  Limited upgrades also help to limit what you can do to the car and force a better BoP.  As a standard for this format, IFCA Super Spec will mandatorily include race brakes, race anti-roll bars, race differentials, and race drivelines.  In addition to this basic equipment package, each car will have one or more designated upgrades.  This latest change is so that some of the drivers with special brake needs can drive their car, and also to allow minimal adjustability to suit each driver.

*After a careful review of the lap times, it appears that the intended effect was not achieved with tire compounds.  Slower drivers were as much as 4sec off the pace even with better tires. There is still too wide a gap between the fast and slow drivers in other words.  To narrow this gap we will revise the tire compound rule so that slower drivers will have a better chance to keep pace. See below:

Here is the new scale based on your IFCA rating:
2150.000 and above = Stock Tires
2000.000 - 2149.999 = Street Tires
1900.000 - 1999.999 = Sport Tires Full Width
below 1899.999 = Race Tires Full width

Week 1 May 19th Saturday 7pm EST
2017 Acura NSX
Upgrades: Race Weight Reduction
S786 Street Tires/R802 Sport Tires 

Week 2
Mugello Short
1980 Fiat 131 Abarth 
Upgrades: Race Cams
D359 Street Tires/D378 Sport Tires/D397 Sport Tires Full Width/C420 Race Tires Full Width

Week 3
Laguna Seca
2018 Honda Civic Type R
Upgrades: Race Weight Reduction
A632 Stock Tires/A655 Sport Tires
(The Honda has no Street Tire compound)

Week 4
Lime Rock
1991 Hoonigan Rauh-Welt Begriff Porsche 911 Turbo
Upgrades: Race Flywheel, race clutch, Race Weight Reduction, Race Clutch, Race Trans, Lightest Wheels.
A697 Street Tires/S715 Sport Tire


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