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IFCA Continental Tire Endurance Series

Post by GTDon2 on Wed Jul 11, 2018 10:25 am

As many of you who test cars know, replicating the IMSA Continental Tire series has proven to be very difficult with limited success by a number of organizations.  The IFCA has had some success with it in the past in FM4 and will be trying to do it again.  With T10 allowing access to almost all of the cars now, we can probably do the series some justice and have some real fun.

We will attempt to use the same cars as found in the real series and limit them to the same hp as the real cars.  We will also employ a revised tire BoP that will be more competitive than what we have done in Super Spec racing.  Initially, we will bring the GS class up to speed with some sprint races of less than 17laps, then after everyone feels like they have a handle on the cars we will switch to longer races and shared driving stints with 2 man teams. Then, we will introduce either the new TCR, or ST class.  Eventually, we would like to see all 3 classes on the track at the same time.

The unique feature of this IFCA format, and one that is rarely done any where, is no microphone communications with your competitors.  You will only be allowed to chat with your teammate during the race.  This single feature brings about an entirely different atmosphere of realism to the experience you seldom get to have in league racing.   Instead of yelling where you are at or while making a pass, you'll have to be much more crafty and creative as you sneak up on someone to pass.  It takes more skill and patience and amps up the thrill by a factor of 10.

Sometime in early August we will begin our practice races.  Anyone available for some pre-testing should message me.


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