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Controller vs Wheel?

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Controller vs Wheel?

Post by GTDon2 on Wed Dec 12, 2018 2:25 pm

blkghost was asking a few things about the wheel vs controller on the messenger app which works like crap. Time stamps are not in order, app doesn't fully function with any browser or it does and then doesn't.  It only seems to work well through the Xbox. Anyway, it is impossible to have a dialogue through it.

Sad but true the controller has always ruled over the wheel in Forza.  Those of us who defected to the wheel years ago in spite of this did so not because we thought we would be faster, but because we thought it would be more immersively fun.  

So those that know, know that they are sacrificing speed for fun to a small degree.  How small?  So small that it only becomes an issue at the highest skill levels.  We are talking 2300+ on the IFCA rating scale.

The quicker dexterity of the hands/fingers vs arms and feet, with a game designed with a hand controller as its priority in the first place, is always going to be able to manipulate the car faster than a wheel and pedals can in Forza no matter what upgrade T10 does.  But not all is lost as evidenced with a few wheel users like yours truly who can turn a good enough lap to threaten many good hand controller users still.  I'm probably one of the top 1% with a wheel which places me no better than top 15% vs hand controller users.  But it is rare to run across someone like a SP33D RAC3R or Harmonic or Diablo.  I've raced against almost all the top drivers, and one mistake will do you in, wheel or not.

So don't despair wheel brethren!  You can get close to 10/10s speed, but it will take some effort, and though none of us will reach it, it is a good goal still. I'd say I'm around 9/10s on a good day. Any other day mostly 8/10s.

Bear in mind that in the Forza RC not a single driver was using a wheel.  And these are the fastest Forza drivers in the world.


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Re: Controller vs Wheel?

Post by blkghost187 on Wed Dec 12, 2018 6:33 pm

That makes good sense too me. To me the wheel is a learning curve and over time will improve maybe as good as the fastest wheel users. [Hint..GTDon] Lol! Overall as competitive I am sometimes its a real challenge to be the best and if controller users are faster.....the challenge doesn't matter. No matter what, controller or wheel user.....it's a ton of fun! Now let me get in the garage and lay down some rubber on Daytona!
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